Wednesday, 26 April 2017

If The Data Doesn’t Match Theory, Change The Data

Tony Heller, of the Deplorable Science Blog has a new post dubbed:

If The Data Doesn’t Match Theory, Change The Data

Tony (or aka Steve) starts with
Professional climate fraudsters claim that Greenland is losing ice 600% faster than predicted.
linking to NASA and other sites that say
  • Greenlands Ice Sheets are disappearing
  • NASA Study: Mass Gains of Arctic Ice Sheet
  • Greenland Ice Sheet Melting Faster than predicted

And continues:
As of yesterday, the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) showed Greenland surface mass gain for the winter at a record high. This is a direct contradiction to the lies being spread by climate alarmists.

Tony Continues:

We have seen this identical story hundreds of times. Climate data being altered to avoid criticism from global warming alarmists. Apparently DMI doesn’t want to have gunfire directed at their office, like John Christy and Roy Spencer had after Bill Nye’s “March for Junk Science.” 
Climate alarmists are Brownshirt thugs. They don’t represent science. They represent the darkest side of human evil.

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