Tuesday, 21 March 2017

We realists are NOT climate change deniers.

The Realist Point-of-View
I do not remember how many times I have posted that we realists do NOT deny climate change.

Mann pushing down the MWP.
The TRUE DENIERS of climate change are the adherents to the flawed hockey stick. They DENY that climate didn't change until man increased his use of fossil fuels.

This blog has previously reported the exchange between Dr David Deming and IPCC Lead Author Jonathan Overpeck (link.) 
IPCC Lead Author Jonathan Overpeck thought that David was in sympathy with the Alarmist scammers. Overpeck emailed Deming saying that they had to get rid of the MWP. Phil Jones referred to it in the Climategate emails. (See YouTube below.) 
David gave evidence to a Senate enquiry, although as he hadn't archived the email, didn't mention Overpeck. Later, Overpeck put his hand up as the author.
 of the TORONTO SUN has written similar thoughts in a piece headed:

If I had a dollar for every time I hear a politician misuse the phrase “climate change” I could almost finance Ontario’s $300 billion debt. 
It’s so ubiquitous, I often do it myself. 
To be clear, no one is fighting “climate change”. 
Last year’s Paris accord is not a treaty to address “climate change”.
We know that climate has changed since the beginning of (Earth's) time. No matter what we do,

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