Sunday, 19 March 2017


         Terry Cardwell
SA's Last Coal Fired Power station.
Closed May 2016.
Just when you think you’ve seen all the blind stupidity from South Australia Jay Weatherall, the S.A. premier comes along and proves us wrong.
He is going to spend $550 million dollars of the S.A. people’s money to install a 100 Megawatt battery storage system and a 250 Megawatt gas fired power station to supposedly solve South Australia’s power crisis that he and his Green cohorts created in the first place.
At the time of the last state blackout, the grid load was 3200Megawatts before the wind generators shut down and triggered the blackout.
Adding a 100Mw battery storage system would add 3.125% power to the grid system for a very short time. WOW, what difference that will make.  A teaspoon of power to ‘backup’ the grid system.
To build a 250-watt gas-fired power station would take quite some time, possibly 2-3 years and add another 7.6% to the system load. This is after knocking down 2