Saturday, 18 March 2017

James Delingpole: why I hate Big Oil

Big Oil at the SEC
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James Delingpole, like most of us sceptics, has spent years defending fossil fuels. James, like most of us realists, has not received a cent from Big Oil. (Hey, Big Oil,  this blog is open to offers....)

Writing for Breibart, he has a piece titled

Why I Totally Hate Big Oil – And Why You Should Too…

Some Excerpts:
....Big Oil is far too busy trying to greenwash its image – as Shell itself did by sponsoring the Guardian’s environment pages for many years – to waste time on the plucky, outspoken heroes who do a better job for Big Oil’s PR than the Big Oil’s paid PR departments do.
Almost everyone at a senior level in Big Oil is a craven, simpering, politically correct, spineless, surrender-monkey corporate shill. They’re cowards who are scared of free markets, won’t speak up for capitalism, won’t even defend their core business. 
If Big Oil won’t speak out for the oil industry, who will? 
Sadly, the burden invariably falls to that small group of maverick believers in free markets and honest science who don’t care about all the brickbats they get for being defenders of “dirty fuel” because they’d rather speak the truth than be popular.
James referred to Steve Milloy (of the blog Junk Science) who, May 2008, intervened in an Exxon shareholder meeting on behalf of all those shareholders who think that Exxon’s core business should be drilling oil and creating value for shareholders – not getting distracted by trying to make themselves look cuter for their Watermelon (green on the outside, red on the inside) critics. 
You’d think Exxon would have been grateful for this fire support from their public. Not one bit. We can see this from Exxon’s response to a submission from Milloy that he intends to make a similar proposal at Exxon’s next shareholder meeting this May. They applied to the SEC to try to get Milloy’s proposal excluded.Happily, the SEC’s lawyer wasn’t having it.
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