Monday, 13 March 2017

Hot Air: Human CO2 emissions do not drive Global Warming.

Professor Ian Plimer writing for Quadrant:
Climate change has taken place for thousands of millions of years. The extraordinary claim that humans cause climate change must be supported by extraordinary evidence.
The current change in climate is no different to previous changes in climate.
 Despite very generous research funding from the public purse, it has yet to be shown that the human emissions of CO2 actually drive global warming. 
If it could be shown that the human emissions of CO2 drive global warming, then it would also have to be shown that the natural emissions of CO2, 97 per cent of total annual emissions, do not drive global warming. This has not been done.
Past times have had much greater levels of CO2.
The human-induced global warming ideology is underpinned by the perception that the planet is static and that dynamic change only occurred once humans started to emit CO2. Nothing could be further from the truth. 
The planet has been warming over the last 300 years since the Maunder Minimum and it has not been shown that any part of this general warming trend is of human origin. Furthermore, during this general warming trend, there have been both cooling and warming events. 
Read more in the Quadrant - Hot Air. 

One Nation Public Forum: The Climate Data – Come check for yourself!

Press Release from the Office of Senator Malcolm Roberts:

Dear Colleagues

You are invited to One Nation’s Public Forum “The Climate Data – Come check for yourself” on Wednesday 29 March at Parliament House.

Senator Roberts and guests will deconstruct a sample out of 250+ data sets used by the United Nations IPCC. These data sets are taken from NOAA, BOM, The Scripps Institute, The Hadley Centre and other international data Centres.

An invitation has also been extended to the Chief Scientist, CSIRO Chief Executive and staff, and the Director of the Bureau of Meteorology to attend and engage in these discussions.

Registration Details

Date: Wednesday 29 March
Time: 7.00 – 9.00pm
Where: Main Committee Room, Parliament House
RSVP: COB Monday 27 March to E:, or call 07 3221 9099

On the night

6.00pm: Arrival at Parliament House if you require signing in
7.00pm: Public Forum commences – overview of data, Q&A and discussions
9.00pm: Evening concludes

If you are unable to attend you can watch it at as the evening’s proceedings will be streamed live on Facebook.

Please advise of any special mobility requirements you may have so we can ensure your needs are met.

Come along and check the climate data out for yourself.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Boston White

On behalf of Senator Malcolm Roberts