Wednesday, 1 March 2017

DiCaprio considers his eyebrows more important than the planet.

Leonardo DiCaprio uses his movie downtime to campaign for the falsified man-made global warming fraud (AGW). (link)

Leonardo DiCaprio took time out from his usual movie-making duties to front a powerful film about climate change called Before The Flood.

Poor deluded Leo 
travelled the world, from Greenland to India, to produce his doco. As your blogger is one who knows that the #agwHoax is a fraud, I believe that his jetting around the world is creating more carbon dioxide (note Carbon dioxide, not carbon as all the deceivers say) which is greening the planet. (link) (link) (link) etc, etc, etc.

However, if Leo is sincere, wouldn't he curtail his jetting around the world and use facetime or 

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Major Study About the Limitations of Climate Models

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