Friday, 10 February 2017

New COLD record set in Perth

Chris Gilham

As predicted, a new cold record has been set in Perth.

Just 10 days after Perth Metro had its 4th coldest January maximum since 1897 and Perth Airport its coldest January day since opening in 1945, the February daily record has been smashed at both stations.

Perth’s forecast was 20ºC. Perth Metro today had a maximum of 17.4ºC and Perth Airport  17.1ºC. That’s absurdly cold and won't be repeated in our lifetimes.

Courier Mail headlines yesterday were ‘Hell on Earth’ Heat Coming Our Way and the headlines today have been about South Australia’s latest mass blackouts because the windmills couldn’t supply enough power when everybody turned their air-conditioners on in 42.4ºC heat. What will happen if Adelaide ever matches its record 46.1ºC set in 1939? (I note that on Monday Kent Town had its equal