Saturday, 21 October 2017

Peer Review? Pal Review? Is it worth a cracker?

Your Aussie Climate Sceptics blogger attended the launch of the IPA's book, edited by Jennifer Marohasy, CLIMATE CHANGE THE FACTS 2017.

The full launch can be watched on this YouTube Presentation.

Your blogger can be seen at the bottom left of this frame:

taking this snap:

This blog considers that the peer review process has been contaminated by "PAL" review. However, Professor Peter Ridd defended the process in this YouTube presentation.


When IPA’s Simon Breheny casts doubt on Peer Review, Prof Peter Ridd at first leaps to the defence of Peer Review by saying: 
“No. Peer review is a great start. Right? It's a great (unheard) first check. But then, if only you are going to spend a lot of cash on it, then you need to do more. Right? That’s what companies do.” 
Peter then tells a story about a scientist inventing a new metal for jet engines. Pollies ( or are they Wallies?) would accept the science. However Rolls Royce, or whoever, would test the theory.
Peter: “Scientist have not an idea about quality assurance, but the engineers do.
…And I’m a scientist, OK?”

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