Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Foreign Wind Farms sponsored by the Australian Federal Government.

CHINA now owns some of Victoria’s biggest renewable energy assets.
Chinese-government controlled State Power Investment Corporation last week bought Pacific Hydro for more than $3 billion.
The company owns and operates five wind farms in western Victoria and hydro power stations in Gippsland and North East Victoria.
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Foreign owners dominate Australian wind farm developments

Foreign companies dominate ownership of Australia’s wind farm developments, taking an ­estimated $1.7 billion a year in ­renewable energy subsidies ­offshore. (bold added)
Sixty per cent of existing wind farms are owned by foreign firms. 
This will increase to 69 per cent when four projects now in development are complete.
And it will rise further still when the nation’s biggest wind farm development, Stockyard Hill in Victoria, is built. 
The sale by Origin Energy of the Stockyard Hill wind farm project to Chinese company Goldwind Energy this week has put the spotlight on the shift to foreign ownership in Australia’s biggest renewable energy industry.
It doesn't matter how many foreigners own the wind farms, they are all subsidised by the Government or, as I prefer to call it, sponsored by the Government.

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  1. Indeed. Here is another example of this foolishness with China:



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