Traitorous Haters and Cyclones

Can you imagine why any citizen would hope for destructive results from cyclones in order to push their political objectives?

James Delingpole reveals, from ISIS sites and US anti-Trump tweets, that these two bodies are working in synch, to hope for destruction from Harvey and Irma.

He writes:
Islamic State supporters have united with their natural allies on the regressive left to celebrate the destructive power of Hurricane Irma on the Great Satan and its wicked, climate-denying president Donald Trump.
James follows up with links from ISIS sites and Looney links, then continues:
Though Islamists and progressives differ as to the cause of hurricanes – one side ascribes them to Allah, the other to Donald Trump and man’s selfishness, greed and refusal to amend his carbon-guzzling lifestyle – they are both unanimous that the damage being done is good thing. 
While the followers of ISIS want the whole of America destroyed, the followers of Hillary seek the more modest goal of seeing one of Trump’s homes reduced to rubble.
@ProudResistor actually tweeted the coordinates for Mar-a-Lago Trump's Golf Club Complex.

Honestly, what true Patriot would call for destruction of part of his own country for a political point?