Monday, 25 September 2017

Things that matter to a Warmist

Sir Henry Fraser has an impressive CV.
Barbados' newest knight, retired university professor, Dr. Henry Fraser, received the Accolade of Knight of St. Andrew, in the 2014 Independence Day Hours. Sir Henry Fraser was named as a result of The Knighthood of St. Andrew being bestowed on him for his outstanding contribution to the medical profession and representation of Barbadian culture, especially in the area of its architectural history.
 sir-henry-knightedSir Henry, a medical practitioner by profession, has worked for many years as a lecturer in medicine at the University of the West Indies and now serves as an Independent Senator in the Barbados Parliament where he has gained an outstanding reputation for his work on the historic treasures of Barbados.

He has received a plethora of other awards, including the UWI’s Pelican Award, Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International and the Gold Crown of Merit (GCM) in the Barbados Honours of 1992.

He was appointed an Independent Senator in April of 2012.

Sir Henry wrote a piece for the Barbados Advocate over the weekend under the title

A Few Comment’s on Sir Henry’s PieceSir Henry Fraser wrote:
The bigger the lie frequently repeated, the more people will believe it.
And so, there are many deluded by the fraud of man-made CO2 causing global warming and the frequent lies about climate change.

Sir Henry Fraser also wrote:

But there is no dispute that the warming of our seas increases frequency and severity of these devastating hurricanes.
This is contradicted by the fact that, although seas have been reputedly warming for years, there has been an 11 drought in hurricane activity (at least on Mainland USA) See UAH’s Dr. Roy Spencer here -11 year drought.


Hurricane Irma formed over water that was two degrees cooler than normal

Hurricane Irma is a big bad storm, like other big bad storms. Six awkward facts: (link)

  1. It’s only the 7th most intense at landfall in US history.
  2. It formed over water that was two degrees cooler than normal,
  3. 1893, 1933, 1950, 1995, and 2005 had more Accumulated Cyclone Energy by Sept 10.
  4. In 1933 two hurricanes hit the US in just 24 hours
  5. In 1893, 1909, 2004 there were three Cat 3+ landfalls in US (blame climate change).
  6. NOAA itself says there’s no evidence anyone can detect that greenhouse gas emissions have an effect on hurricanes.

Also, it seems illogical for Sir Henry to detail the destruction caused by historic hurricanes not caused by man-made climate change and yet say that the latest hurricanes are caused by man-made climate change.

The destruction in the Caribbean is a tragic story.

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