Thursday, 14 September 2017

Mocker outs Alarmists Peter FitzSimons and Jane Caro

Who is the Mocker?

He has hit the nail on the head. He has burst the balloon and released all that vital to life carbon Dioxide from the balloon.

What did he say?

Peter FitzSimons and Jane Caro: Source The Australian
Note: The RED Theme.
The science is settled.
Well, that is debatable. However, the Mocker continued:
The science is settled, and for the good of the planet we must act urgently to curtail our emission pollutants. No, not so much the greenhouse gases; rather, the Gaiagasbags, named after the pagan goddess of Earth. 
Every time we have a hurricane or a bushfire these insufferably self-righteous harbingers of climatic cataclysm pop up with all the fervour of a firebrand preacher. You know the score. Get down on your knees, shallow ones, for ye have sinned against Gaia. Bow your heads and repent of your wicked ways, for only I can offer you redemption. 
So, we see Jane Caro above.

From her tweet account:

The Mocker quoted the Red Bandana:
Record-breaking hurricanes hitting the Americas...   WRONG!
Obviously, Peter Fitz does not have Google, or at least the ability to do a Google search.
Global temperature records broken 14 of the last 15 years....  WRONG!
Yep, the Bandana either avoids empirical data, or ignores it.
Glaciers shrinking for the last 37 years.....       WRONG!
Come on Peter, check the evidence.
Drought tightening its grip across Australia ........   WRONG!
Meanwhile, Drought tightening its grip across Australia
It's a few years since The Flim Flam Man said Australia would never again have "good" rain
And Flannery was.......... WRONG!


  1. Flim Flam man. Love it. Sorry I ever purchased his books. Maybe I can have a nice carbon book burning fire. and put it on You Tube.

    1. Yes, that book was so flawed.

      If you need to know how much, you should read The Weathermakers - Re-examined.

      The Weather Makers is shown to contain
      23 misinterpretations,
      28 contradictory statements,
      31 untraceable or suspect sources,
      45 failures to reflect uncertainty,
      66 over-simplifications or factual errors,
      78 exaggerations and over a hundred unsupported dogmatic statements, many of them quite outlandish. (A brilliant Spreadsheet that documents all this available on request.)

    2. Unfortunately, the Pope has become an idolater to the goddess Gaia.


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