Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Is the Pope Stupid?

Chris D'Angelo (Chris of the Angels?) writing for the HuffPo under the headline:

Pope Francis On Climate Change Denial: 'Man Is Stupid'

Climate change denials amid catastrophic hurricanes are a reminder that humans are not a particularly smart species, Pope Francis said Sunday while flying over areas in the Caribbean decimated by Hurricane Irma. 
Perhaps the Pope has not caught up with the IPCC. They declared that extreme weather events are not caused by the alleged Anthropogenic Global Warming  (AGW.)

Man is stupid,” Pope Francis said.  That cannot be denied. Think of how many reasonable thinking persons have been taken by the  man-made global warming fraud!
The pope — who has sparred with President Donald Trump on several issues, including climate change — also urged the climate skeptics of the world to consult with a scientist. 
Yep, I have consulted with many scientists. That was what convinced me that the falsified AGW hypothesis was a fraud. (LINK)
According to Crux, journalists asked the pope about the moral responsibility world political leaders have to fight against climate change.  
Francis warned that “history will judge those decisions,” and that if humans fail to curb climate change we “will go down,” according to reports. 
Will history also a judge a Pope who allows third world countries to suffer without the benefit of cheap coal based power?
Climate (er....read Alarmist) scientists say powerful back-to-back hurricanes Harvey and Irma — which battered the Gulf Coast, the Caribbean and the U.S. Southeast over the last two weeks — were made worse by climate change.
(REPEAT_) Perhaps the Pope has not caught up with the IPCC. They declared that extreme weather events are not caused by the alleged Anthropogenic Global Warming  (AGW.)


Can the Pope and his scribe Chris of the Angels be re-educated? Can they learn that they are sprouting FAKE NEWS? FAKE SCIENCE?


  1. Is the Pope stupid? Is the Pope Catholic?

    1. The Pope isn't stupid. He's blinded by ideology as a die-hard socialist.

    2. Precisely Vindaloo,
      The only people who are 'stupid' over the CAGW / climate change scam are those that say the people promoting it are (stupid). You've hit the nail fair and square on the head: The real 'stupid' people are those of us who are sitting back and watching these misanthropic Socialist bigots (wolves in sheep's clothing), destroy our civilisation and doing NOTHING; not even saying a word against them, in effort to stop them.
      To me this is blatant act of treason and nobody except a scant few of us can see the HUGE ELEPHANT in the room.
      This proves that:
      a) the hysterical (fake) propaganda, and scaremongering has been very effective and
      b) people will believe almost anything they're told, especially when corrupt figureheads such as Pope Francis start propagating it.
      It's patently disgusting when a world leader who is supposedly the highest ranking man of God and whose role in society is to preach from the highest platform: Christian principles of HONESTY and LOVE, now spreads misanthropy, LIES and deception. In terms of his utter treachery alone, he's worse than Adolf Hitler ever was.
      You probably already know that this whole scam is all about destroying capitalism and forming a UN based totalitarian 'new world order' which is a global one world government, from which the humanity-hating globalists intend to control everything we do.
      It has nothing to do with 'saving the planet', but EVERYTHING to do with controlling the lives of every living human being that resides on it.
      They even admit it now, read here:

  2. One or two Popes ago, I recall the Pope being interviewed in Australia as he was about to board a flight to go home. He was attending some world Catholic youth day celebration (or something like that) here. Anyway he was asked his opinion on the Global Warming/Climate Change thing. After thought he replied that he did not think God would do that to Man. (and walked off) Maybe this Pope didn't read the memo from his predecessor?

    1. As expected, 'warmist' fanatics are now trying to point to the recent hurricanes as being 'clear evidence' (or something!) of "anthropogenic global warming/climate change/disruption/'weirdness'/whatever-is-today's-fashionably-politically-correct-name-for-it". They don't seem to recollect that there has been a (genuinely) unprecedented (in our records at least) hurricane 'drought' over the last twelve years. (Perhaps it's a medical condition know as "selective recollection"; or could it merely be attributed to that well-known affliction: "ignorance".)

      Already there have been a few people in touch with 'the facts' ("What's this?" I hear you think. "Facts? What are they?") and so you might be interested in checking the relevant links on page 24 of this little interactive 'thing' about the weather: http://galileomovement.com.au/media/ShouldYouReallyBeAlarmed.pdf.

      And yes! There are a few interesting bits and pieces about the weather ..... (And do check about the REAL way we should be going in Oz to (genuinely) fix the electricity crisis - see pages 3 to 6.)


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