Sunday, 20 August 2017

"our ABC" is not working to its charter. It is not "fair and balanced."

In the video below, notice how many times Emma Alberici interrupts Senator Malcom Roberts just as he is making a strong point.

The video ends with Malcolm saying:
Impartiality and accuracy is not existent at the ABC.
Maurice Newman, your Chairman, a few years ago, actually stood up and called the ABC staff on their group think. All he did was make a few few comments on that and he was howled down.
Even the Chairman can't speak within the ABC.
And did Ms Alberici rebut this?  NO!

Senator Roberts, we are out of time.
And the incident, re Maurice Newman that Senator Roberts referred to was reported on these pages:

See - True Lies and Misinformation

But of course the ABC went against their chairman Maurice Newman. Newman said that they should be even-handed on reporting of the global warming debate (link) but the ABC journalists should be called activists because they revolted and went against the ABC's charter and their chairman's wishes. 

Mr Newman was criticised by Christopher Warren, the Federal Secretary of the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance in a letter the next day: 
Since his speech I have been contacted by a number of Media Alliance members from the ABC’s news and current affairs team who have interpreted Mr Newman’s remarks as an attempt to influence the ABC’s line on climate change.
I was concerned to read yesterday the remarks made by ABC chairman, Maurice Newman, to a gathering of journalists, program-makers and management on Wednesday.

Note that the Federal Secretary of the Union did not refer to the ABC's charter to be even handed but was condemning the the Chairman, Mr Maurice Newman saying his remarks were an attempt to influence the ABC's line on Climate Change.

Actually the remarks of 
the Federal Secretary of the Union were a forced attempt to corrupt the Charter of the ABC.

No comment on this Ms Alberici?

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  1. Exactly the same with the CBC in Canada. IT is government controlled propaganda.

    Diversity means everyone MUST think alike about the agenda of 'diversity'.


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