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Medieval Warm Period was real, global, & warmer than the present.

Alarmists will tell you that the Medieval Warm Period was

a) not as warm as the late 20th Century warming; and

b) was only in Europe.

This alarmist propaganda goes against the real data. Penn State Professor Michael Mann has made similar claims of modern temperatures being the warmest, but such “Hockey Stick” temperature claims have been demolished in the scientific literature.

Climate Depot's Medieval Warm Period Round Up of Studies.   (March 8, 2013)
The latest research clearly reveals that the Medieval Warm Period (used to be referred to as the Medieval Climate Optimum) has been verified and was in fact global, not just confined to the Northern Hemisphere. 
The Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide and Global Change reported in 2009 that the “Medieval Warm Period was: (1) global in extent, (2) at least as warm as, but likely even warmer than, the Current Warm Period, and (3) of a duration significantly longer than that of the Current Warm Period to date.” 
In addition, The Science and Public Policy Institute reported in May 2009: “More than 700 scientists from 400 institutions in 40 countries have contributed peer-reviewed papers providing evidence that the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was real, global, and warmer than the present. And the numbers grow larger daily.”
Climate Depot then links many papers and sources. (see here) Following are examples:

New paper finds Medieval Warming Period was ~1°C warmer than current — ‘A new paper published in Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology finds that the Medieval Warming Period ‘was warmer than the late 20th century by ~1°C.’

New Peer-Reviewed Study: Climate was HOTTER in Roman, medieval times than now — UN IPCC has got it all wrong, say scientists — Published in hefty climate journal Nature Climate Change, the cooling effect of orbital shifting on the climate has been up to four times as powerful as anthropogenic (human-caused) warming pressures’

Antarctica Global Warming: Advanced Science Methods Establish That Medieval Period Was Warmer — ‘With constant frigid temperatures, the idea of modern Antarctica ‘global warming’ that is ‘unprecedented’ seems rather ludicrous -indeed it is ludicrous, as latest research again confirms Medieval Warming Period was hotter’

New paper confirms Little Ice Age was a global phenomenon, related to solar activity — Paper published in Geophysical Research Letters confirms that ‘the Little Ice Age was a global event, probably caused by a change in solar [activity] and volcanic forcing [activity], and was not simply a seesaw-type redistribution of heat between the hemispheres as would be predicted by some ocean-circulation hypotheses’

Peer Reviewed Study Establishes Unprecedented Medieval Warming On Tropical Island In Southern HemisphereWirrmann et al. confirmed that the peak mangrove growth was during the 950 to 1250 AD period, which would conform to the approximate Medieval period in the Northern Hemisphere. The tropical mangrove plant prospers in warmer climates.

We also have many papers listed on the CO2 Science MWP Project. Project Overview
Study Description and Results
   Australia/New Zealand
   North America
   Northern Hemisphere
   South America

As can be seen, the links cover most of the globe. Click on each area and peer-reviewed papers are listed and rated as level 1,2 and 3. 
For a description of the study levels below, click here.

Here are a few:

Lake Tanganyika, East Africa

Tierney, J.E., Mayes, M.T., Meyer, N., Johnson, C., Swarzenski, P.W., Cohen, A.S. and Russell, J.M. 2010. Late-twentieth-century warming in Lake Tanganyika unprecedented since AD 500. Nature Geoscience 3: 422-425.

Eastern Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula

Khim, B.-K., Yoon, H.I., Kang, C.Y. and Bahk, J.J.  2002.  Unstable climate oscillations during the Late Holocene in the Eastern Bransfield Basin, Antarctic Peninsula.  Quaternary Research 58: 234-245.

Kyoto, Japan

Aono, Y. and Saito, S. 2010. Clarifying springtime temperature reconstructions of the medieval period by gap-filling the cherry blossom phenological data series at Kyoto, Japan. International Journal of Biometeorology 54: 211-219.

New Zealand Cave

Wilson, A.T., Hendy, C.H. and Reynolds, C.P.  1979.  Short-term climate change and New Zealand temperatures during the last millennium.  Nature 279: 315-317.

Great Bahama Bank, Straits of Florida

Lund, D.C. and Curry, W. 2006. Florida Current surface temperature and salinity variability during the last millennium. Paleoceanography 21: 10.1029/2005PA001218.

Pigmy Basin Mg/Ca Proxy, Northern Gulf of Mexico

Richey, J.N., Poore, R.Z., Flower, B.P. and Quinn, T.M. 2007. 1400 yr multiproxy record of climate variability from the northern Gulf of Mexico. Geology 35: 423-426.

Jacaf Fjord, Northern Patagonia, Chile

Sepulveda, J., Pantoja, S., Hughen, K.A., Bertrand, S., Figueroa, D., Leon, T., Drenzek, N.J. and Lange, C. 2009. Late Holocene sea-surface temperature and precipitation variability in northern Patagonia, Chile (Jacaf Fjord, 44°S). Quaternary Research 72: 400-409.

Just a sample, but it can be seen from the volume of peer reviewed papers:

“More than 700 scientists from 400 institutions in 40 countries have contributed peer-reviewed papers providing evidence that the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) was real, global, and warmer than the present. And the numbers grow larger daily.”

So, that means the alarmists are the true deniers.

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  1. Why don't the climate alarmist phonies give up on their foolish postulations-this evidence and the fact that carbon dioxide appears after a warming period not visa versa- thus proving their man made cause of global warming false.

    1. Because it all is part of a government sponsored "problem" (that many have become brainwashed into believing) that they will come in and "fix" for us, while some fat cats laugh at us all of the way to the bank, while they make money off of the myriad additional taxes that are necessary to "fix" this "problem" and "save" us. It also allows them to step in and further regulate us in order to "protect" us from ourselves.

  2. You are right that the Medieval warm period was hotter than the current global average, but the global average now is rising at an unprecedented rate. That is the problem, not the current temperature itself. man made global warming is real, and a big problem.

  3. Unfortunately, the temperature records do not support "global average now is rising at an unprecedented rate.."


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