G20 closes with rebuke to Trump's climate change stance. Australia should follow Trump out of the Paris Climate Accord.

DEFEAT these gloating galoots.

TO SIGN: Petition for Australia to follow the US to exit the Paris Climate Accord, 

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Gee, we learn that UK PM Theresa MAY is "disMAYed at Donald Trump's decision to pull out of Paris climate change agreement."
After he refused to do so, the other G20 countries issued a communique, drawn up with the help of Mrs May, stating that the Paris Agreement was “irreversible” while the US conceded that emissions must be reduced.
Oh really? And yet they could not issue a communique against North Korea because Russia and China didn't agree?

I can find reference after reference of Angela Merkel criticising POTUS Trump before the G20 meetings; eg here, here, and after the talkfest, Merkel said:
"Unfortunately -- and I deplore this -- the United States of America left the climate agreement, or rather announced their intention of doing this."
So we find the deluded nations critical of Trump because he, alone out of the G20, was aware of the fraud of the Paris Climate Accord.
“The Paris Climate Agreement has one aim, to de-industrialise Western nations to satisfy the United Nations Socialist agenda – redistributing $100 trillion from prosperous Western nations by 2100."
One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts has virtually accused the Turnbull Government of treachery:

By signing this agreement our Government ceded our sovereignty to the United Nations - an act of treachery against the Australian people - and must be rescinded immediately.”

Senator Malcolm Roberts has challenged the other major parties:
“you need to decide whose side you are on, Australia’s or the United Nations?”

SO, WHAT CAN WE, the Average Australian DO?

There is a petition before the Australian Parliament for Australia to get out of the Paris Climate Accord.

It can be found here:


Please go to the link, add your name and email, then confirm that you are not a robot.

Then you will receive and email with a link that must be clicked to confirm your signed the petition. It is a bit of a procedure, but the checks and balances have be set up by the OZ Parliament.

Details can be found on John McLean's page: 

Also refer to the International Clexit (climate exit) pages: eg here.