Thursday, 1 June 2017

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)


TDS is the name given to the actions and state of mind to those who opposed Trump during the Presidential election campaign, who scorned him, made false accusations of sexual assault, corruption, predicted he would not win, promised to leave the US if he did win and who have been apoplectic since he did win. These sufferers of TDS have rioted in the streets, assaulted people, refused to accept the result of the election, accused the Russians of manipulating the election and generally behaved like the spoilt children they closely resemble.

TDS sufferers are more dangerous than spoilt children, however. The media, for instance, is actively subverting the election result by hysterically accusing Trump of connivance with the Russians. There is no evidence for this. We know this because one of the main sufferers of TDS, Senator Maxine Waters admits there is no evidence. This would be comical if it were not so insidious. Waters asserts the Russians own Trump because they need him to approve their plans to drill for oil in the Arctic. The Russians have been drilling for oil in the Arctic for decades. They don’t need Trump’s approval to do this.

Waters and her partner in perfidy, Nancy Pelosi, are the focus of attempts to impeach Trump. This is nonsense. All Trump has done is win the election. But this campaign has real impact on the US economy and society as it actively subverts Trump’s right to govern. As well as the sisters of spite activist Judges are thwarting Trump’s ability to restrict potential Muslim terrorists. This is despite Obama previously doing the same thing in his Visa Waiver Program as Trump is now trying to do. Naturally, there were no complaints when Obama restricted immigration. This particular form of TDS has especial relevance for Australia as the Administrative Affairs Tribunal regularly overrules the Immigration Minister’s attempts to remove false refugees from Australia.

Perhaps the vilest form of TDS are the claims Trump should be killed. The most recent one is hideous. A second rate comedian, Kathy Griffin is shown with a decapitated head, Trump’s:

The outcry has resulted in a groveling apology from this twisted individual who naturally claimed artistic licence. The irony is the severed head is the favourite method of killing by Muslims who Trump is trying to save the US and the West from. However, Griffin is far from the only one who has previously demanded Trump be killed. Businessmen have threatened Trump, journalists have done the same and German newspaper editors. But perhaps the most pernicious advocate for Trump being killed is the human saint of nature, Sir David Attenborough. Attenborough is held in such high regard his support for this idea lends credibility to it. Naturally, Trump would be sacrificed for the good of nature. This is how those who suffer from TDS justify their actions: it doesn’t matter how horrible the things they do and advocate, if it’s for a good cause, then their cause is justified.

Trump has saved the West, even if temporarily because he has exposed the selfishness and fundamental lack of principles of those who opposed him. These people do not just oppose Trump they oppose the values of their own society.

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