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Lower Tropospheric Temperatures

Lower Tropospheric Temperatures

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General Notes
1. Data from the University of Alabama (Huntsville) (i.e. UAH) and available here.
2. These plots use the latest available data from UAH and therefore include any revisions
     (currently at v6.0).
3. The monthly anomalies are relative to the 1981-2010 average for the corresponding calendar month.
4. On all graphs, the year label appears in the January position.
5. My thanks to Dr. Wilson Flood of Dumfries, Scotland, for preparing these graphs
Global combined land and sea
Global land only,
Global sea only,
Tropics (20N-20S) combined land and sea,
Northern exotropics (20N-90N) combined land and sea,
Southern exotropics (20S-90S) combined land and sea,
North Pole (60N-90N),
South Pole (60S-90S),
USA (48 states),

Figure 1 - Global temperatures, combined land and sea

Figure 2 - Global temperatures - land only

Figure 3 - Global temperatures - sea only

Figure 4 - Tropical temperatures (latitude 20N - 20S)

Figure 5 - Temperatures in northern exotropics

Figure 6 - Temperatures in Southern exotropics

Figure 7 - Temperatures at the North Pole

Figure 8 - Temperatures at the South Pole

Figure 9 - Temperatures for the 48 US states

Figure 10 - Australia


  1. CO2 Can’t Cause the Warming Alarmists Claim it Does

    In conclusion, if you break the data down to isolate the impact of CO2 on atmospheric temperatures, there simply isn’t a strong case to be made that CO2 is the cause of the warming. Yes the oceans are warming, yes temperatures have been warming, but that doesn’t mean CO2 is the cause of that warming. If you isolate the impact of CO2 by removing the impact of the oceans, the urban heat island effect, and atmospheric water vapor, the result is that those areas show no warming what so ever. CO2 increased from 335 ppm to 405 ppm in Antarctica, and it had no impact at all, none, nada, zip.

  2. 4 Graphs That Demonstrate Why The IPCC Climate Models Will NEVER Be Accurate

    If I am correct in properly identifying the motives and intent of the fraud, the divergence between the ground measurements and satellite data will continue to widen with time. In 10 years, an understanding of the crime detailed above and an update of the following chart is all Congress should need to present an open and shut case against the climate alarmists that have defrauded the American taxpayers, corrupted real science, and destroyed the credibility of our media and educational system.

  3. Ocean Warming Dominates The Increase In Energy Stored In the Climate System
    The IPCC claims that the oceans are by far the largest heat sink in the climate system. The IPCC claims that the oceans are warming. Data proves the oceans drive atmospheric temperatures, not vice verse. The problem is, the IPCC can’t explain how CO2 warms the oceans. If the IPCC can’t explain how CO2 is warming the oceans, it can’t explain how/why the atmosphere is warming.


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