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         Terry Cardwell
SA's Last Coal Fired Power station.
Closed May 2016.
Just when you think you’ve seen all the blind stupidity from South Australia Jay Weatherall, the S.A. premier comes along and proves us wrong.
He is going to spend $550 million dollars of the S.A. people’s money to install a 100 Megawatt battery storage system and a 250 Megawatt gas fired power station to supposedly solve South Australia’s power crisis that he and his Green cohorts created in the first place.
At the time of the last state blackout, the grid load was 3200Megawatts before the wind generators shut down and triggered the blackout.
Adding a 100Mw battery storage system would add 3.125% power to the grid system for a very short time. WOW, what difference that will make.  A teaspoon of power to ‘backup’ the grid system.
To build a 250-watt gas-fired power station would take quite some time, possibly 2-3 years and add another 7.6% to the system load. This is after knocking down 2
perfectly good thermal power stations in the name of his Green cohorts.
Mr Weatherall said when S.A. power had failed, the other states chose to ‘black-out South Australians rather than turn on a power station. This is a totally unacceptable state of affairs.’

Can you believe that this man with such basic ignorance of electricity and the Australian states power setup is a Premier of  S.A?
He said ‘Other elements of the strategy include legislation to give the Energy Minister direct power to intervene in the electricity market and force power stations to fire up in times of need. They are really off with the fairies.
The states have been responsible for their own planning, installation and operation of power generation. Although independent of each other interchange between states is common.
The federal government has no involvement except for the greatest scheme of them all the Snowy Hydro Electric Scheme. Where two thirds is owned by NSW and one third by Victoria and they interchange power between each other to suit their requirements.
NO state has ANY responsibility for another state except cooperation.
For Mr Wetherall to blame other states and the federal government is ridiculous and shows a totally incompetent and naïve Premier.
Thermal power Stations can take over 12 hours to synchronise and run up to full load. Gas turbines can be run up in short time but they are much smaller and there is only a few around and not in a position to turn on and off at a whim.
Even if they could (and they obviously cannot) it would have made no difference. 
The interconnector between Victoria and S.A. would have seen a system fault i.e. very low system voltage and frequency and tripped in 6 cycles ( one-eighth of a second). S.A. cut its own throat when the wind generators shut down on wind velocity limits. The piddling little gas fired stations they have would have tripped off line as well.
No doubt Tesla is rubbing their hands for a contract like this but it will be a massive waste of money.

Tesla storage themselves have made brilliant steps forward in power storage batteries and certainly offer an excellent way of storing power for the average household or isolated farms and properties but it is a whole different world and of no use to a combined power generation networks of 50,000 megawatts.
For the Greens to say battery storage is the way to go, shows how naïve and stupid they are. You would need a battery storage system the size of the ACT to even carry a basic amount and then it would be for a very short time.
For a cost 1.8 billion dollars they could have a top of the range, latest technology 4 x 660 Megawatt, total 2640 Megawatts, thermal power station. Almost enough to power the whole state 24hrs a day,  7 days a week for the next 50 years. That is nearly 11 times the power for only 3 times the cost.

Similar to over 100 thermal power stations being built right now in China and many more in India.
Mr Weatherill said his government was recommitting to a 50 per cent renewable energy target and the state was close to achieving that.’

What absolute rubbish. The wind generators rarely get above 30% of capacity and the power from Victoria and the gas fired stations supply the bulk. Have a look at the Wind generator output graphs and you will see that  S.A. ‘renewable energy’ is far less than that and they are living on a knife’s edge.
Let me clarify just how a power grid system works:

In each state there is a ‘loop’ of transmission lines and towers of either 175,000, 275,000 or 350,000 volts. They carry the total power demand and transmission losses are very low, over the longest distance being about 1.5%.

NOT massive losses as the Greens would have you believe (to suit their own agenda.) The power fed into system comes from many sources, depending on the state. The bulk, about 75% is from coal fired power stations, 4.6% from Hydro Electric (mostly the Snowy) when there is available water. A few Gas fired turbine generators.

Wind generators and solar farms, even after the expenditure of billions of dollars, supplies less than 2% of Australia’s power demands and their supply are unreliable and inconsistent.
The Power grid system MUST (not maybe or she’ll be right) carry a spinning reserve to cover the loss of its largest generation unit plus 20%. That has been whittled away to almost zero at times in some states including NSW, Victoria and especially S.A.
The power then flows out to the consumers via council transformers or to major industries transformers direct.

Power supplies to the grid must be EXACTLY the same as that being used by the consumers. NO variations. This is critical to maintain the system voltage and frequency, which is precise.

The Power generators and the transmission lines are protected against various types of electrical faults and should one occur the fault will be isolated in 6 cycles or 15 cycles for distance protection of transmission lines. That is 1/8 of a second and 1/3 of a second, maintaining the stability of the grid system.
(And NO the transmission towers fault in Port Augusta did not take out the S.A. system in would be isolated in 1/3 of a second.)
Power storage has been in use since the commissioning of the Snowy Hydro Electricity Scheme back in the 1950s. Water is pump back up to the dams and used again at peak load time or urgent needs. It takes 25% more to pump the water back up but this is compensated by keeping the thermal generators up in load late at night, where they are more efficient.
This is only available when there is sufficient water in the spring and early summer, sometime a little longer.
Soon we will be able to make a movie either ‘Weatherall in Wonderland’ or Jay Weatherall in  ‘The Wizard of Aus’.
We are heading for a power energy crisis never seen in Australia before with many scattered and complete blackouts all brought about by the Greens and their desire to destroy our way of life and industries.
NSW and Victoria are also following in S.A footsteps and in time will result in the same situation. Tearing down perfectly good power stations like Munmorah Power Station is an act of vandalism and stupidity by the fools in charge.

They along with the Australia people, who stood by and let it happen, will come to regret very heavily their stupidity in the future.

When you have no power and sitting there wondering why, just remember it was the gullibility and naivety of the Australian people that allowed the Greens and fools like Jay Weatherall to bring it about.
NOTE: The power to drive the hydro generators to pump the water back up comes from THERMAL COAL FIRED POWER STATIONS.
Am I qualified to comment?
I spent 22 years repairing, testing, commissioning and operating Power stations at Tallawarra, Wallerawang and Munmorah.
Plus the additional backing of many power plant operators who can confirm these notes.
Terence Cardwell

See also Terry Cardwell's follow-up post on the Snowy Hydro-electric scheme. (LINK)



  1. Good article Terence, an article all should read. Something missing about battery storage though. Like pumped storage at the Snowy and a trial pumped storage in Queensland using an old gold mine and a dam, what people don't think about is that just like any battery, it must be charged, just like your mobile phone or laptop, so it also requires that extra demand on the electricity supply to charge it back up. If you don't have spare energy (the wind turbines run out of puff)you have no electrical power, and the $33million dollars for Musk's batteries means nothing.

  2. Thank you Terry. Excellent summary of the reality we face today thanks to these indoctrinated and totally deluded half-wits.
    The only way I can see to stop this nonsense is through conflict: war - either civil war (which is almost erupting now in the US), or possibly bigger. It has gone too far. What needs to happen is the total destruction of the world's most evil organisation: The United Nations. (Should be renamed: Deluded Nations).
    It's all about UN Socialists wanting to form a global tyranny so they may control us all and everything we do, including what we'll be allowed to think! With no industry therefore jobs and no income, there won't be much in the way of individual freedom, which is exactly how they plan to take control of us - when we're all equally poor and equally hopeless.
    There's talk of Technocracy now, which is totalitarian control much worse than ordinary Communism, Socialism or fascism. The plan is to control everyone, by controlling their energy resources through these so called 'smart meters'. Really frightening stuff. See this brief presentation:
    The scaremongering in recent weeks is rampant (since the left were defeated by Trump in the US), but it's really disconcerting to see how naive and stupid supposedly intelligent and educated people can be when fed the right balance of green kool-aid (propaganda, but worse: the leftist green indoctrination of the world's children). George Soros is the 21st Century's version of Joseph Goebbels, only Soros is a hundred times more evil. The propaganda for the ideology he's indoctrinating the world with - to destroy capitalism has a far worse outcome, including a holocaust that will make the Nazi regime which Goebbels promoted, seem insignificant. If the gullible public don't wake up to what's going on, it will happen soon.
    There is little hope of penetrating the barriers the greens have built when there is already serious talk of 'deniers' being imprisoned and when the MSM block all dissenting views other than the few they allow (i.e. Malcolm Roberts), for their own purpose of scapegoating and ridiculing in effort further validate their lies and deception...

  3. Thank you Terry - I am so sick of listening to comments by politicians and journalists who NOTHING about power generation.


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