Friday, 17 February 2017

Global Warming/Cooling at Nobbys

Nobbys Head Picture: Wikipedia
Working on another project, I needed a record of the temperatures at Nobby's Head. Anthony Cox provided the following Bureau of Meteorology link for Average Monthly Mean Maximum temperatures for Nobbys from 1862 to 2016:

Mean Maximum Temperature

Nobbys is a headland located at the Southern Entrance to Newcastle Harbour, New South Wales.

My project was for February and so, with the help of an Excel spreadsheet, I plotted each year and then plotted an average for each decade.

When Graphed the data look like this:

If there has been global warming, it certainly has bypassed Newcastle.


  1. To save time, just use the following BoM data and tap the graph icon below the month's heading.

    1. Thank you, Ian. That link is in the post - click on Mean Maximum Temperature.


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