Thursday, 16 February 2017

Covenant of Democratic Nations

The program towards the Covenant of Democratic Nations was launched in Washington D.C. on 23rd January 2017 and the next meeting was in New York City on the 31st January. US Investigative Journalist and Award winning author, Edwin Black, is leading the initiative.

Last night at Parliament House Canberra Edwin Black introduced the initiative to Australia.

There was a panel of 2SM's Grant Goldman (on phone); The Daily Telegraph's John Adams (on phone), Senator Malcolm Roberts; Malcolm's Office Manager Leon Ashby; Farmer and ex-miner John MacRae and convenor Yankel Koncepolski.

Present for most of the meeting was 4 Corners Producer Debbie Richards with a cameraman.

Edwin said that he was helping to ignite the conversation.

Leon read a statement from Malcolm (who was in the senate chamber) saying that Malcolm had a strong conviction for sovereignty.

Grant Goldman then made a statement including the UN way was to usurp power for the wrong reasons and we lose control of our own nation. Grant closed with:

We can only hope that One Nation can bring about a UN exit.
John Adams said that we have given up too much sovereignty to the UN. He said there had been a very big start towards Internationalism and reminded us of ex-senator Bob Brown's talk of World Government. Adams also mentioned the unelected UN officials and that the UN's original charter was "world peace."

Adams also mentioned that our PM Turnbull is pro Internationalism. He closed with the fact that it would be good if senator Roberts established an inquiry.

Malcolm Roberts then joined us for a short time. His main points:
  • We have to get out of the UN, they are not needed and are wasteful and dishonest;
  • The UN are responsible for 10s of millions of deaths around the world;
  • The fraud of (man-made) climate change;
  • Although we are the highest species, they put fungus and bugs ahead of us;
  • CO2 is essential for all life on the planet.

John MacRae held up 5000 treaties and the Agenda 21 document. John said the Greens should change their name to the Hypocrisy Party.

After a question and answer session, Edwin then summed up.

Covenant of Democratic Nations must be a covenant between ONLY democratic nations. If others wanted to they could be non-voting observers.
The League of Nations outlived its usefulness during the Hitler regime. After the War, the League was replaced by the United Nations. Now the United Nations has outlived its usefulness and must be replaced with a new international body, one comprised solely of those nations governed by democratic principles, devoted to genuine democracy, equality, and peaceful relations throughout the world.
The United States should defund and withdraw from the United Nations and reconstitute the movement to achieve world peace for all in a new world body: The Covenant of Democratic Nations.
The Covenant of Democratic Nations will review, re-ratify, amend, or nullify all acts and resolutions of the United Nations and its agencies creating a new body of long-overdue, reformed, and updated international law. Some suggest that the body may even sunset its own existence after its reform work is done. (link)

Edwin asked:
Where do we go from here?

  1. Government by Government determination
  2. International Conferences, parties to self-commit
  3. International Convention to write Text for Treaty
  4. Covenant of Democratic Nations  

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