Monday, 14 November 2016

Alarmists on the Marrakesh Express gravy train.

Alarmists are the true deniers!
The Alarmists are in a spin.

Looking at the world

Through the sunset in your eyes

Trying to make the train

Through clear Moroccan skies

They should have the sunspots, not sunsets, in their eyes as the world is seen to be cooling.

According to scientists, this unsettling phenomenon is a sign we are heading for a mini ice age. 
Meteorologist and renowned sun-watcher Paul Dorian raised the alarm in his latest report“For the second time this month, the sun has gone completely blank,” Mr Dorian says.
Sweeping cobwebs from the edges of my mind

Had to get away to see what we could find

Hope the days that lie ahead

Bring us back to where they've led

Listen not to what's been said to you

The Alarmists have been spinning cobwebs over the edges of science. There is not one peer-reviewed paper to demonstrate the man's (and only man's) CO2 emissions are causing dangerous global warming. (Challenge: ANYONE?)

So the Alarmists "Had to get away to" COP22 in Marrakesh.  25,000 odd (and I do mean odd) people flying in from around the world. Can you imagine the size of their carbon footprint?
And their purpose?

One week to save UN climate change talks from Trump

Donald Trump intends to axe billions of dollars in climate finance when they take the White House and Congress in January.
“We are going to cancel billions in payments to the UN climate change programmes and use the money to fix America’s water and environmental infrastructure.”
Meanwhile, the Alarmists are wasting millions taking the gravy train, or more likely, taking the CO2 emitting planes:
On the Marrakesh Express, they're taking me to Marrakesh  
All on board the gravy train, all on board the planes
They've been wasting all our money just to gather there.

Graham Nash wrote the Crosby Stills and Nash song - apologies to Graham for slight changes to the lyrics in the last quote.