Saturday, 1 October 2016

The South Australian Statewide Blackout

Terence Cardwell
Image: GWPF

A     I predicted this would happen back in 2009/10 in my first article.  This is NOT a once off event- it will happen again in the not too distant future and continue to do so. Why; because of the continual instability created in the grid system by the constantly changing wind generators and insufficient stable, reliable power generation and the reliance of power from Victoria, who have to continually get them out of their insane situation.

B.            Any change in power generation from the wind generators has to be compensated for and chased by thermal power generation units which  decreases their efficiency substantially and more than obviates any gain from wind generators. These severe load changes can create a power wave within the grid system that can create instability as the thermal units chase the wind generators severe load changes.

C.            Because the winds were so severe the wind generators would have been non operative and locked. So 40% of the power was already out of service before the blackout. So YES the wind generators DID cause the blackout by increasing the load substantially on the Victoria to S.A interconnector.

D.            If the wind generators were allowed to operate in such severe winds they would have torn themselves apart.

E.             It is the first time ever in the history of power generation in Australia that transmission towers have fallen over and we have seen far more severe weather than S.A. I have personally