Monday, 8 August 2016

There is no empirical evidence to support climate alarmism. Malcolm Roberts vs the hack alarmists.

by Anthony Cox

ABC Insiders
Barrie Cassidy, David Leyonhjelm, Malcolm Roberts

Intrepid fellow that he is, Malcolm Roberts, newly elected senator on the PHON ticket, does not shy away from going into the Lion’s Den, or should that be the scalded cat’s litter-box, of the ABC. The ABC is a notorious  and biased advocate for the scams of alarmism and renewable energy.

The ABC can be expected to gun for Malcolm as Barrie Cassidy did in a desultory fashion on Insiders. Malcolm was more than a match for Cassidy as was David Leyonhjelm. While both Roberts and Leyonhjelm made a fool of Cassidy over the repugnant and sinister S.18C an important distinction between Leyonhjelm and Roberts over alarmism was apparent. Roberts opposes alarmism and renewables because they have no science to back them up and therefore measures like a CO2 tax have no justification. Leyonhjelm on the other hand does not quibble with alarmist science. He opposes a CO2 tax because no-where else in the world is this being done and therefore it would be fool-hardy for Australia to go it alone. An important distinction.

Malcolm also appeared on the ABC’s youth orientated Tripe J’s Hack and spoke sense. Naturally this did not impress and the response was to get some alarmist experts to refute what Malcolm had said. If it were not serious because of the vast amounts of money the government is wasting on alarmism and