Sunday, 31 July 2016

Australia's Renewable Energy Policies - flawed

A citizen, Robert J Brock, 

has written a letter to Minister for the Environment and Energy in the Turnbull Ministry, Joshua Anthony "JoshFrydenberg.

Dear Minister

Re: Renewable Energy Policies.
Copy: Hon Jane Prentice MP.

Congratulations on your appointment as Minister for the Environment and Energy.

On an ABC Lateline Broadcast on 27/07/2016 Emma Alberici interviewed you in what I understand was your first interview since being appointed. She asked you how you believe Australia can, and will keep global temperatures under control.

Some of your comments reportedly were:
a. “We are moving away from coal and that is not a bad thing.”
b. “I accept the science of climate change and recognise that Australia needs to do its part as the globe tackles climate change and emissions reduction.”
c. … “(I) absolutely accept that man is contributing to climate change…”
d. … “if you look at the 12 most emission-intensive power generation facilities in Australia, eight of those have closed over the last five years, all of which were coal. And of course with the Renewable Energy Target, which will see 23.5 per cent of our electricity generation by 2020 coming from renewable sources, you will see renewable energy take the place of coal as an important energy source.”

It is clear from your comments that you believe, Canute-like, you are able to control Global Temperatures and that this will involve reducing Australia’s dependence on coal for energy