Wednesday, 13 July 2016

WOMEN'S WEEKLY: women of the future, Vote for Rashida Khan

Rashida Khan is an amazing young lady.

From Women's Weekly:
Rashida has combined a passion for horses with a desire to help some of the most vulnerable in our communities. The result is Equine Magic, which offers a unique therapy using horses for special needs children and others in the prison system. By working with horses, participants develop emotional connections, respect, leadership skills and confidence. “I have developed a therapy program, which I deliver across the Northern Territory,” explains Rashida. The scholarship would allow Rashida to expand Equine Magic so it is available to more remote and disadvantaged communities in the Northern Territory.
What has this to do with Australian Climate Sceptics?

Rashida has been a long time friend and led one of the convoy of vehicles from Darwin to the ACT in the Convoy of No Confidence.

Highly recommended. To vote, go to this link - Women of the Future.

Hear Rashida explain her case in this video: