Friday, 10 June 2016

Did the NATS vote for Australia's New Carbon Tax - UPDATED

This blog master received an e-mail from the Nationals' Scott Mitchell

This blog has always fought against any form of carbon dioxide tax. However, sneakily, all major parties got together to pass ETS legislation under the title

National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Safeguard Mechanism) Rule 2015 which commences 1st July, 2016. That is the day before the next election. A carbon dioxide tax commencing the day before we vote. Can we trust any of the major parties?

There are 10 pages of Linked Legislation listed HERE.

So, being a fair thinking blogger, I sent an e-mail to Scott Miller however his return address was a NO REPLY address. So I added the email address for the Federal Nationals and Barnaby Joyce's MP e-mail address.

Karen McNamara MP - Dobell
I had previously contacted my local Electorate's representative. I did not get a reply from her.

This blogger received another  e-mail from the Nats - with this in the address block:

Larry's no-reply E-MAIL:

Tomorrow the first pre-poll ballots will be cast in what is a vitally important election for 
the future of our nation.

It's an election the Nationals and Liberals must win to deliver a stable and sensible 
government for all Australians.

Regional Australia cannot afford a return to the chaos of the last Labor, Greens and 
Independent  alliance and their job destroying taxes.

Your Nationals candidates stand ready to provide a strong voice for the regions and to 
provide opportunities ensure a stronger nation for our children and grandchildren.

These next three weeks will be absolutely crucial in deciding the outcome on 2 July and 
the future of our great nation.

Please support our plan to ensure a fairer share for regional Australians.


The Hon. Larry Anthony
Federal President

So I sent the my reply email  to Larry (no reply) plus to 

and to

I will let readers know if I get any answer. Have the Nats sold us out and voted for 

Turnbull's tricky Treason?

Have the Nats voted for Greg Hunt's Red October Tax?

I certainly looks like it?

Why do they not reply?

The E-mail:

Larry, , can you tell me whether the Nationals in both houses voted for or against 
National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Safeguard Mechanism) Rule 2015

That Legislation introduces an ETS (nee Carbon Dioxide tax) on July 1, the day before the election.

The damage that will be done by the the alliance who passed this legislation cannot be believed.

I thought that the Nationals stood by the Abbott government’s reversal of the Carbon (Dioxide) tax.

As I believe that this is a very important question for many Australian, I have posted on line -

Awaiting a reply


Why am I not surprised. The Nats say

and when I reply to that e-mail; address I get

These people cannot run an e-mail campaign. They cannot answer a simple question.

They want your votes!!!


Received an email from the Nats - BarnabyJoyce

Dear Friend,
Today the Governor General swore in the 45th Parliament of Australia, featuring nine Nationals Members and Senators.

Our increased representation within the Ministry is a direct result of the hard work and commitment by Nationals supporters across the nation and is something we should all reflect upon with great pride.

Thank you for your continued support of The Nationals and its members.
Kind regards,

Barnaby Joyce MP

Sent the following to the return address:

Thank you Barnaby.

But WHY dId you  -the NATS -sign the new ETS (aka Carbon Dioxide Tax) into legislation the day 
before the Election.

Can you tell me:

Were you fooled?
Was it because you wanted to win the election without exposing the Lib’s Duplicity?

Would really like to know..

Adding this to this page: _

Are we really being fooled by both the Nats and the Libs?

Or are the Nats being fooled by the Libs?

AND - What happened?

Well it seems that National Party does not want any feedback. This is what we got:

Your message to couldn't be delivered.
no-reply wasn't found at

HMMMM...The Major parties do not want to hear from the commoners.