Thursday, 26 May 2016

Turnbull's Tricky Treachery

Following on from our previous post: The Red Hunt Planned an October Carbon Tax

Malcolm Turnbull's agreement with the National's as reported by Simon Benson last September: (link)

Nationals leader Warren Truss, who was reported to be privately seething at the change of Liberal leadership, said his party would work with Mr Turnbull — but at a cost.
Critical to the Nationals’ endorsement of Mr Turnbull as PM was a pledge written into the agreement that he would not change existing policy on climate change or same-sex marriage.
In other words, it locked Mr Turnbull into a promise not to introduce an emissions trading scheme and to stick to the policy of a plebiscite on marriage equality. (bold added)

So much for MT's empty promise not to introduce an emissions trading scheme.

A few weeks after PM Turnbull made that promise,  Jo Nova warned of a forthcoming breach of