Monday, 9 May 2016

Malcolm Roberts and Pauline Hanson

by Anthony Cox

I attended a talk given by Malcolm Roberts on the 5th May 2016. Malcolm has been a real trouper in his quest to reveal the lies, manipulations and waste of man-made global warming (AGW). Using his impressive credentials and real world experience, Malcolm has distilled his research into a simple and devastating critique: AGW has no empirical evidence to support it. 

Science is based on empirical evidence. If there is no empirical evidence to support a science theory then it is not science. And this is the point about AGW: it is an ideological imposition on Western society and the world. As Malcolm noted the IPCC has openly declared that the purpose of AGW is to change the economicstructure of the Western world and to redistribute Western wealth.

Malcolm explained simply that human emissions of CO2 have no impact on overall concentrations of CO2, that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 are almost entirely natural and that CO2 is dependent on temperature, not the other way around as claimed by AGW. In short AGW has no basis. This