Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Indefinite Green John Hewson

John Hewson, was federal leader of the Liberal Party of Australia and Leader of the Opposition from 1990 to 1994. He led the Coalition to defeat at the 1993 federal election. (source: Wiki)

As reported by Business Spectator in 2012, (link) Hewson

became active in trying to raise capital for businesses and technologies in carbon abatement, building on his earlier career as an investment banker. John Hewson has now taken up the Chair of the Asset Owners Disclosure Project, an initiative aimed at getting retirement and superannuation funds to pay more heed to the risks of climate change and the need to invest more money in companies that reduce carbon emissions.
Again in October 2015,  this Green former leader of the Liberal Party (link)
launched a scathing attack on Peter Costello for being “wilfully blind to the risks of climate change” in his management of Australia’s massive sovereign wealth fund, even accusing the Howard-era Treasurer of “a clear breach of fiduciary duty”.
Obviously, John Hewson has been fooled by the AGW hoax. So it is not surprising that the alarmist ABC reported

World headed to recession if climate change ignored, John Hewson warns

"In our work, only 7 per cent of the top 500 asset owners of the world of our last year's survey could actually measure the climate risks that they were running. And only about 1.5 per cent actually had a strategy for managing those risks."
Mr Hewson then enumerated his "risks:"  (bold added)

  • climate change-related disaster could physically harm a company's asset; or
    • the Government could introduce policies to mitigate climate change, shifting the investment landscape; or
    • a new technology to address climate change may radically change the economic order.

    Hmmmm.....note "could" and "could" and "may

    He "could" have added
    And pigs "might" fly!

    Professor Hewson said:
    "Some combination of those three could easily precipitate a financial crisis, which sees the value of many assets fall."

    AND (perhaps)

    • IPCC models might come back closer to reality;
    • The 18 year 10 month plateau might end and temperatures start to rise again; or perhaps 

    or could this happen?
    • The Alarmist Scientists might admit that they were being political;
    • The Shrill might finally admit that there is no "consensus?" 

    And John Hewson MIGHT look at the empirical evidence that reveals that man-made global warming is a hoax.