Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Carbon Pollution is REAL and it is killing Australians

Carbon pollution.

Although Malcolm Turnbull, when re-negotiating the Coalition agreement with the National party promised to maintain all of the Abbott government’s policies against the climate change hoax, he has since promised one billion for poorer nations to cope with climate change and has promised another one billion for the reinstatement of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Tony Abbott went to the last election with a Pledge to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and he won in the walk over.

Why doesn’t Nationals Leader, Barnaby Joyce say that the coalition agreement has been broken. He could then field candidates in many seats. There is a general unease among conservative voters who feel that they could not vote for a Turnbull Government. The Nats could become the dominant party and could ask the remaining Libs to form a Nationals-led Coalition.

Mr Craig Kelly is a member of the Australian Federal Parliament; a member of Turnbull’s Liberal Government.

 He was, to the best of my knowledge, the only MP to attend the funeral of the late Bob Carter (Professor Robert M Carter.)

In the attached broadcast, Alan Jones says: