Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Climate Council Cannot Count

No Curry for YOU!
Tim Flannery's Climate Council cannot count. We have pointed out before that they are of no account, but now, due to some Flim-Flammery they have reduced the  International Council for Science (ICSU) list of 20 women making waves in the climate change debate to 19.
So here’s a list of twenty women making waves in the climate change debate, offered in alphabetical order, and without any men to get in the way. We hope it shows off some of the quiet – and not so quiet – power women do have on this issue, and the diversity of the debate. Gender aside, this list reflects other diversities of the climate debate, with expertise in financial systems, workers’ rights, science, politics, development, media, diplomacy and more.
The Flim Flam Climate Council reduced the list to 19.


Because the list contained Dr Judith Curry. The ICSU's bio of Judith:

Blogger and scientist favoured by sceptics
Judith Curry is fast becoming the go-to scientist favoured by the more sceptical ends of the climate debate, though she is more than capable of making a name for herself in her own right. An established climate scientist, well known for her research on hurricanes and Arctic ice, Curry is currently Chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Troubled by the way those who do not fit with scientific consensus are treated by the scientific community and broader environmental discourse she regularly speaks up for the role of dissent and free speech in climate science. It is fair to say this doesn’t always win her friends in either science or the green movement. Curry is an active blogger, reflecting her commitment to transparency of the debate within science, and can be found on Twitter@curryja.  (bold added)
Tony Thomas has a well written piece on the Climate Council's chicanery for Quadrant Online.
The Climate Council’s deletion of Judith Curry from the 20 Women list bears a family resemblance to the revered Soviet practice which saw photos that originally included purged-and-shot apparatchiks doctored, the unwanted amanda mckenzieindividuals’ images made to disappear. At least the Soviets owned the photographs they doctored. The Climate Council doesn’t own the ICSU 20 women list and has no more right to delete  a woman it hates than to insert its own choice into the list. Perhaps we’re lucky the Council didn’t decide to re-make the list into 20 by replacing Curry with its winsome CEO Amanda McKenzie (left), who is more the telegenic cutie. That way, the odd, eye-catching numeral 19 could have been avoided. 
The Climate Council’s monkeying with a third party’s survey-based list hardly validates its claim:
We exist to provide independent, authoritative climate change information to the Australian public. Why? Because our response to climate change should be based on the best science available.