Saturday, 15 October 2016

Alarmist Science doesn’t add up.

Anthony Cox

IPCC's standard of peer review

In 2010 the IPCC ‘science’ was found by the InterAcademy Council, the IAC, to be defective. David Stockwell and I wrote a piece about the IAC for The Drum in the days when the ABC was slightly balanced and was accepting sceptical articles. In that article we pointed out:

Here is what the IAC concluded about the IPCC's standard of peer review: 
"An analysis of the 14,000 references cited in the Third Assessment Report found that peer-reviewed journal articles comprised 84 per cent of references in Working Group I, but only 59 per cent of references in Working Group II and 36 per cent of references in Working Group III (Bjurström and Polk, 2010)." 
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Nearly half the IPCC's science is not peer reviewed; it is grey literature, from interested parties like the WWF and Greenpeace; referencing them is like Clive Hamilton referencing Clive Hamilton. 
But it is just not the peer review failure of the IPCC; it is how the IPCC strays from its own criteria for establishing confidence in its [non] peer reviewed evidence. Confidence in scientific terms means what degree of uncertainty predictions about future climate and causes of that future climate have. 
For instance one of the IPCC's criteria, which is noted in the IAC report, is that it should "give greater attention to assessing uncertainties and confidence in [key findings]". It should also "Avoid trivializing statements just to increase their confidence [and] Determine the areas in your [the IPCC's] chapter where a range of views may need to be described... to form a collective view on uncertainty or confidence." 
What this means is that a true consensus requires "a range of views" on "uncertainty and confidence". Only when you truly know the scientific strengths and weaknesses of your evidence can you claim a consensus, bearing in mind a scientific consensus is only as good as the next scientific paper which may contradict it. The IPCC has actively quashed dissent to achieve its "collective view"; a very Lysenko state of affairs and a non-scientific consensus.

Peter Brobhaff has done a brilliant summary of the IAC’s findings about the IPCC’s defects and lists such things as political influence, bias and the many errors of alarmist science.

In Australia the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) was recently examined by a panel of statistical experts, The Technical Advisory Forum (Forum). The Forum found a number of defects with the BoM’s temperature record as Jennifer Marohasy notes. In fact, the recommendations by the Forum deal with profound defects including inadequate uncertainty parameters, inadequate treatment of regional temperature sites and transparency of methodology. In short the Forum found much the same problems with the BoM as the IAC found with the IPCC.

Now a peer reviewed paper published under the auspices of the Royal Society has found incorrigible Poor research design and data analysis by alarmistscience. This had led to false positive results about whether alarmism is even happening. The Paper finds that institutional corruption which requires no further conscious acts of lying by individual scientists in alarmism has created a self-perpetuating conclusion that alarmism is correct.

This paper isdevastating. It claims that the money and other reinforcements of prestige and success ensure that all new alarmist papers conform to alarmism. This is not science but gross propaganda and a corruption of the scientific process. As sceptical scientist Pat Michaels says:

So, instead of being rewarded for research that supports a prior hypothesis, no matter how sloppy it is, those involved in climate studies get published a lot not by testing (which can’t be done in the prospective sense) but by producing dire, horrific results. Because these often appear in prominent journals — which love to feature articles that generate big news stories — the greater the horror, the more likely is promotion, citation and more money.

This then generates more and more of these perverse incentives in a vicious cycle.

All of this is well and good and could be dismissed as just another example of how incentives drive supposedly dispassionate scientists. But in several fields, like climate, the accumulation of horrific literature is often summarized by governments, usually to support some policy. Bad science then justifies bad policy.

It is quite significant that Smaldino and McElreath’s paper was published by the Royal Society. Surely they know the result will be more distrust of the modern scientific enterprise, and, by extension, in the policies supported by it. The fact of its publication is evidence that we have reached a turning point, where the pollution of modern science is now an accepted truth.

The issue is, as much as the manifest corruption of science caused by alarmism, why do our politicians continue to base policy and waste $$$billions on programs which are justified by the corrupt alarmist science.


  1. ...why do our politicians continue to base policy and waste $$$billions on programs which are justified by the corrupt alarmist science.
    The answer is a bit of a no-brainer: Becuase 'our politicians' are not only part of the scam promoting the lie of climate change and CAGW, they are also part of the wicked agenda of what the whole giant HOAX is all about. Read here:

    It beats me why we (sceptics) are not making a lot more noise about this...
    Arguing about the 'science' is pointless. They'll be arguing that until Hell freezes over and agreement will never be reached.
    What the naive & stupid sheeple NEED to know is why it is a HOAX and why they need to stop believing the hype of Climate Change and CAGW, for their own good!
    This scaremongering is different to CC / CAGW alarmism in that Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 are both true and terrifying realities...

  2. I left out the link to the paper which is here:

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