Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Outright false to claim CO2 causes global mean temperature to go up or down

Prof Terry J. Lovell says:
To say CO2 causes global mean temperature to go up or go down is scientifically unproven and, given the current data, it’s false – outright false. 

There is no  such thing as human caused global warming. It’s a scam! 


  1. What does this person who is a professor in business administration know about climate science? Taking his views as authoritative evidence on climate shows that climate sceptics are finding it difficult to make their argument.

  2. Yeah I know exactly what you are saying - just like Tim Flannery, who preaches doom and gloom climate religion, he's a professor of possums! He had a significant input into Labour/Green government that put up desalination plants all over Australia because he preached that all the dams would dry up! The only thing that is dry are the desal plants, but still costing millions to maintain in mothballs!

    NOW "anonyomous" IF you have enough intelligence to open your mind and consider both sides of the discussion and look deeply at the actual data and science, then the first thing you would do would be put up actual evidence that Terry Lovell is wrong.
    Don't shoot the messenger, shoot down the message .... IF YOU CAN!! :-)

    Mechanical Engineer

  3. Probably a lot more than Tim Flannery, professor of possums!
    At least Terry Lovell hasn't gifted us with millions of wasted dollars of mothballed desalination plants because Dillard and the greens (watermelons) believed his dry dams sermons!

    Don't shoot the messenger - disprove the message, GET IT??


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