Friday, 13 May 2016

Political Chaos in Australia

A letter sent to our political leaders by

Dr Judy Ryan

Dr. Judy Ryan is a retired scientist living in Canberra. Judy has been holding prominent alarmist academics accountable in the media. And holding ABC and others accountable. And doing so methodically and strongly yet respectfull

Dear Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Minister for the Environment Greg Hunt and Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop, 

Respectfully, we raise the following issues for your consideration.

On September 7th, 2013 the Australian people voted in the Abbott Liberal Coalition government. 

As opposition leader, Tony Abbott promised to rid Australia of the "human caused global warming" aka "climate change" scam-based taxes. That was the major reason for his resounding victory.  He kept his promise and was a good, strong, ethical Prime Minister for the short time that we had him.

Under the Turnbull Government,  Australia's already fragile representative democracy has stepped
ever closer to socialism under the rule of the United Nations.

Tony Abbott once stated "the Australian people are sick of being lectured by the United Nations". He was absolutely correct. We, including the silent majority who now see the scam, say strongly "No Thanks" to the United Nations' offer of global socialism. 

We refer you to this letter: (paragraphs 9 to 15) for the history of Australia's descent into what will soon become political chaos. These events over some four decades have led to the present situation, where politicians and Lysenko-like pseudo-scientists have virtually extinguished the integrity of science.

This sad scenario is best exemplified by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology. See here: 

Yet, we have a Minster for the Environment who appears to keep himself wilfully ignorant of the errors and mistakes that are being perpetrated under his auspices. He has effectively stopped or stonewalled any investigation into the BOM'S data management practices. Our opinion, which is not an uncommon one, is that the BOM’s temperature record is seriously flawed and not suitable for policy decisions.

The insidious agenda that underpins the  rationalisation of these  'faults' is best described by our close colleague Graham Williamson in his correspondence with MP Julie Bishop.

We fear that political, stability will not return under your leadership. On the contrary, it will probably descend into chaos. There is a move afoot among Australian voters. As we realise that we are sliding into socialism, or worse, our only hope is to activate for direct democracy. A concerted collective vote only for Independents or minor parties will be the first step towards it.

However, you have the power to prevent this chaos. If you care about the wishes of the silent majority you will return strongly to the mandate the silent majority gave to Tony Abbott. Please, set your preconceptions aside and frankly and fully facilitate an objective, science based investigation into, what the evidence indicates, is an expensive and destructive 'mistake'.

In closing, we are not sure why we have three lawyers running our country. However, if there is anything we have said to, or about you PM Malcolm Turnbull, or you MPs Greg Hunt and Julie Bishop, that you think is untrue, please inform us now by responding to this email. We love our country and all its flora and fauna. We write these letters because we believe that putting these, divisive issues on the public record and holding Australian citizens individually accountable for their actions is the best way to keep our country safe in a troubled world.

Respectfully Yours

Dr Judy Ryan

Dr Marjorie Curtis


  1. Great leaders step up when required. History shows that no one person is flawless, yet we had Churchill. At the right time in history.
    Abbot is one such leader. I truly believe that he had the interests and security of ALL aussies at heart.
    The "coup" by mt and co. was orchestrated without any respect for the wishes of the AUS people.!
    Most rational people now know the war has been declared on democratic western nations by an "ideology/religion?" that must not be named.
    This country needs a war minister. Abbot is the one!. mt is assuredly not!
    Bring back Abbot. Then I shall trust the liberal coalition again. mt is either overbearingly ambitious at the expense of the ordinary aussie, or he is the culmination of a very long term strategy by the Marxist leftr.

  2. Why are the silent majority 'silent'?
    I lost my job and my livelihood as a direct result of this junk-science and Julia Gillard's broken promise in October 2012, when the coal fired power station I'd been employed at for many years was closed down. Simply because they could not afford her ridiculous carbon tax (SCAM)!
    I still can't understand, or BELIEVE that my fellow Australians accept this loony narrative without question, when anyone with as little as primary school level of general science knowledge, should be able to plainly see what total NONSENSE this man-induced climate change is!


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