Globally, 99% of all paleoclimatic temperature studies compiled show a prominent warming during Medieval Warm Period (MWP)

Mention the Medieval Warm Period and the shrill bluster their way out of addressing it by saying that it was only a Northern Hemisphere phenomenon. Like almost all the other shrill pronouncements, that is wrong.

Frequently this blog has pointed the shrill naysayers to CO2 Science's MWP project

Now, a new study has been published (Climate Depot - Link):

Project team: Dr. Sebastian Luening, Prof. Dr. Fritz Vahrenholt (authors of ‘The neglected sun‘)

Cartography of the Medieval Warm Period: Online atlas of a poorly understood warm phase
About 1000 years ago, large parts of the world experienced a prominent warm phase which in many cases reached a similar temperature level as today or even exceeded present-day warmth. While this Medieval Warm Period (MWP) has been documented in numerous case studies from around the globe, climate models still fail to reproduce this historical warm phase.

Read more: at Climate Depot

Climate Depot writes: Surprisingly, the media have not picked up on this important issue.(my bold)

Most of the MSM have been blatant pushers of the CAGW hoax, so, it is NEVER surprising when the MSM deliberately refuse to publish news that goes against the falsified AGW hypothesis.


  1. The average temperature of the planet has not increased by a scientifically verifyable amount in the last 18 years


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