Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Paradox for Alarmists: High CO2, freezing temperatures

John Cook and his crook cronies over at UNSkeptical UNScience (SS), as had been shown before on this blog, has posted many flawed UNscientific explanations of "Myths." See Global Warming & Climate Change Myths (Link) Anthony Cox, Jo Nova and others have debunked SS's "myths. See (link)

An interesting side note is that Cook has little regard for his native Australia, as his SS banner shows the flags of many countries, but no Australian flag to be seen. We have depicted this turning the back on the Australian Flag.

SS turning away from the Australian Flag.

In this post Anthony Cox addresses SS's Global Warming and Climate Change Myth number 50.

Their incorrect explanation:

CO2 was higher in the past but the Sun was cooler

No doubt. This is known as the Snowball Earth/Faint-Sun paradox. The alarmists get into a tizzy about this because temperature was freezing with high CO2 levels so it must have been the faint Sun. 

This paradox occurred during the Archean, about 4000-2500 million years ago. The Sun at this time was about 75-82.5% of its current glorious self (for those interested in this sort of thing the formula for calculating this is 1/(1 - 0.38*t/4.55), where ‘t’ is the number of billions of years from now, negative for in the past. From James Kasting). 

The alarmists say not even huge CO2 levels, up to 550 times today’s value, could have compensated for the reduced Sun so this does not impact on AGW today where a piddling amount of CO2 can dominate the Sun which is much hotter than it was. 

But really CO2 was just as irrelevant back then as it is today. 

Theories abound to explain how Earth could be so cold with high CO2 levels and more importantly what mechanism, if not CO2, could get the Earth out from a snowball condition. The main reasons offered are clouds and albedo

And if you look at graphs comparing CO2 and temperature from 600 million years ago ( another snowball Earth scenario is suggested for 543 million years ago. See item 153) it is plain that faint Sun or not, and at this time, the Sun had grown to about 96% of its current level, CO2 and temperature have no correlation regardless of what the Sun is doing.