Thursday, 3 December 2015

New Research from Michigan University re ??climate-change-foes??

New Research conducted by Michigan University, (announcement link) finds that (according to the announcement)
climate-change advocates are largely failing to influence 
A University using seemingly non-sensical terms like
  1. opponents of climate change
  2. climate-change advocates
  3. Climate-change foes
has surely left academic neutrality and clambered on board the Man Man Climate Change advocacy position. The terms really do not make sense.

As world leaders meet this week and next at a historic climate change summit in Paris, a new study by Michigan State University environmental scientists suggests opponents of climate change appear to be winning the war of words. 
The research, funded by the National Science Foundation, finds that climate-change advocates are largely failing to influence public opinion. Climate-change foes, on the other hand, are successfully changing people’s minds – Republicans and Democrats alike – with messages denying the existence of global warming.
The leader of the study is a sociologist, Aaron M. McCright.

As one aware that the man made climate change hypothesis has been falsified (many times),  I find Mr McCright's terminology confusing.

1: Opponents of climate change

Who is an opponent of Climate Change? Climate has changed since time immemorial. To be an opponent of climate change is like being a Climate Canute trying to turn back the inevitable change of climate.

2: Climate-change advocates

Seemingly just a silly. As Climate Change is as inevitable as night following day, why advocate change? It will happen.

3: Climate-change foes

here's one I understand. The climate change foes are the followers of Michael Mann's fraudulent "hockey stick." They are the alarmists who tried to negate the climate change that caused the medieval warm period, they tried to negate the climate change that caused the Maunder Minimum and the Little Ice Age. Mind you, they were not sincere. That was just to scare the pants off the unaware populace as Jonathan Overpeck revealed to Dr David Deming. (LINK)

The realists know that climate changes, so they cannot be "Climate-change foes."