Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Lord Monckton and Alan Jones

Christopher Monckton talks to Australian Radio's Alan Jones to reveal the scam of Man-Made Global Warming.

Will the Realists sue the crooked scientists pushing the falsified man-made global warming hoax?

Some of Christopher's statements re the hoax that is man-made Climate Change:
  • there was no problem;
  • there is no problem; and
  • there isn't going to be a problem
"There is a team of Academics for this Global Warming thing; I don't know who is paying them..."

"They've being making very good living out of this for many years..."

"The IPCC is costing 100s of millions per year..."

"Who gets hit first AND worst - It's the working people...

JONES says

THE Wall Street Journal called the Plan "economical Damaging"


THE Scientists have concluded FIVE (5) times that we can't find any HUMAN influence on the Climate


COP21 Talk and Talk and Talk came to Nothing

One Note SCAM-ba

A parody of all the fools at Paris #COP21. (Sing along with the parody - words below) 
"There’s so many going who can talk and talk and talk and just say nothing – amounts to nothing."

Carbon (DIOXIDE) emissions

  • 40,000 delegates being protected by French Forces. What are their carbon (DIOXIDE) emissions; 
  • These delegates all flew in - more carbon (DIOXIDE) emissions; 
  • Transport around Paris for delegates -more carbon (DIOXIDE) emissions;
  • Catering for 40,000 - -more carbon (DIOXIDE) emissions
  • etc etc etc

Have these clowns not heard of telephone conferencing?

When no actual confirmed CO2 cuts will emit from this conference, there will be one confirmed

Party Time in Paris.

Party Time in Paris.

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29 November 2015

The 21st Birthday Party in Paris - It’s Time they Grew Up

Global Warming Alarmists are about to gather in Paris for the biggest climate carnival in their 21 year history – they hoped to see 25,000 official guests and 15,000 hangers on. Surely on their 21st birthday it is time they grew up and faced some adult world problems.

Any urchin on the streets of Paris today could tell buffoons like Ban Ki-moon and Barack Obama that the “biggest security threat facing the world today” is NOT a miniscule increase in atmospheric plant food, caused mainly by gentle natural global warming which has triggered minor expulsion of carbon dioxide from the oceans.

Obama and his side kick Kerry call climate change the biggest threat to national security:

Turnbull and Co should not insult Parisians by taking part in such frivolous folly.

Viv Forbes
15 Nov 2015

More on the UN Folly in Paris

Radical Islamist terrorists just maimed and murdered hundreds of people in Paris, dozens more in Mali, still more in other nations. They promise more atrocities in the United States and around the globe.

Meanwhile some 40,000 bureaucrats, politicians, scientists, lobbyists, activists and journalists plan to enjoy five-star Parisian hotels and restaurants, while attending COP21, the twenty-first UN Climate Change Conference, from November 30 through December 11. Like President Obama, they insist that humanity faces no greater threat than climate change. Some are even saying that ISIS attacked Paris to disrupt the climate confab.

The Assault on our Food Chain  

Napoleon once said: “Only a foolish horse fights with his nose bag”.