Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Weather Experiment



by IPCC Expert Reviewer Dr Vincent Gray

Dear Folks

I have just seen yet another climate survey 'Climate Models Part 1.'

He gives the series of scientific studies which established the current scientific study of the climate.

He shows that they have established:
  • Every property of the climate is instantly variable. The properties are so skewed that no average can be measured
  • A  forecast can cover ±2 degrees, with a bias of ±1 degree for only a few days

These properties have been established  by scientific methods.

The new models can only solve them by fraud.

They begin by assuming a model has a completely wrong number, even including a 29km radius. 
It can only be done by fraud.

Note to the Warmists:
Your people assume the thermal as some sense and make it worse by using the figures as constants when there is considerable uncertainties.      Also you treat a highly variable temperature sequence as statically valid. They even take  fractions of a degree.    
A statistical  uncertainty is  be considered  to be very  great but how is it derived there is talk of a constant. In addition the figures for the supposed balance are variable and the carbon dioxide, like all the atmospheric values, is variable but is shown by satellites to be varied.  
It is understandable that all of you are stuck into this mass. 

Every day they say that  horrible things are  likely.  Matt  Ridley has written a book about it.

One head of state has agreed with me: Vladimir Putin.

How many of the Warmists will admit that it is all a Scam and  not waste so  much  empty literature.

Vincent Gray