Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Shrill Scientists dishonoured SCIENCE now Shrill Lawmen are dishonouring LAW.

Source: Ice Age Now
There has been much scuttlebutt recently about taking sceptics - usually using the pejorative term "denier" - to court; eg

Use anti-mafia law to prosecute ‘climate deniers’

The stupidity shown by their use of the term "climate denier" or "climate change denier"is that surely no-one could deny climate; and we sceptics known that climate has always changed.

Today, Donna Laframboise, in a piece titled 

she lists some "other voices have joined the discussion about climate change and the proper role of the courts,"
and follows with judges active in the climate debate and their participation in a three-day UK legal conference re AGW matters :
This is an enormous problem because the primary job of a judge is to be impartial. A judge with an agenda – whether it be climate, abortion, religion, or any other cause – is not, by definition, impartial. The public has a right to know the name of every judge who tosses aside his or her impartiality in favour of activism.
Read Donna's thought-provoking piece HERE. 

Christopher Booker's piece on the same three day conference is titled: