Wednesday, 7 October 2015

More Doubts re AGW Science as COP21 approaches

Australia's PM Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop are keen to sign onto the UN's Green Climate Fund. Even under PM Abbott, Bishop announced she would waste $200M on the fund. (link)
The Federal Government has announced it will contribute $200 million to an international fund designed to help developing nations tackle climate change. 
Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced the funding at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Lima, Peru.
As COP21 approaches, more evidence not to sign is being exposed.

Reported in the Journal: Environmental Science and Technology

Unravelling New Processes at Interfaces: Photochemical Isoprene Production at the Sea Surface

Environ. Sci. Technol., Article ASAP
DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b02388
Publication Date (Web): September 10, 2015
Copyright © 2015 American Chemical Society


Isoprene is an important reactive gas that is produced mainly in terrestrial ecosystems but is also produced in marine ecosystems. In the marine environment, isoprene is produced in the seawater by various biological processes. Here, we show that photosensitized reactions involving the sea-surface microlayer lead to the production of significant amounts of isoprene. It is suggested that H-abstraction processes are initiated by photochemically excited dissolved organic matter which will the degrade fatty acids acting as surfactants. This chemical interfacial processing may represent a significant abiotic source of isoprene in the marine boundary layer.

Read the paper HERE.

The Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research issued an announcement: (LINK)
Atmospheric chemists from France and Germany, however, can now show that isoprene can also be formed without biological sources in the surface film of the oceans by sunlight and so explain the large discrepancy between field measurements and models. The new identified photochemical reaction is therefore important to improve the climate models.
Global models at the moment assume total emissions of isoprene from all sources - trees, plants, plankton, the lot - of around 1.9 megatons per year. But, according to the new research, the newly discovered "abiotic" process releases as much as 3.5 megatons on its own - which "could explain the recent disagreements" between models and reality. 
"We were able for the first time to trace back the production of this important aerosol precursor to abiotic sources. So far global calculations consider only biological sources," explains Dr Christian George from French lab the Institute of Catalysis and Environment, in Lyon. 
VOCs such as isoprene are known to be a powerful factor in the climate, as they cause the formation of aerosol particles. Some kinds of aerosol, for instance black soot, warm the world up: but the ones resulting from VOCs actually cool it down substantially by acting as nuclei for the formation of clouds. It has previously been suggested that production of VOCs by pine forests could be a negative feedback so powerful that it "limits climate change from reaching such levels that it could become really a problem in the world."
Science again shows that the GCMs have made wrong assumptions; the science is NOT SETTLED. 

PM Turnbull and FM Bishop should not sign anything at COP21, Paris.

Poland strengthening their coal mining industry.

Ewa Kopacz (Source)
As the World heads toward the COP21 Gabfest and its side show, the Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF) 2015, Poland's PM Ewa Kopacz says she does not consider nuclear energy a priority and is instead focused on strengthening the coal mining industry. (LINK)
Ewa Kopacz's comments indicated a U-turn from earlier government plans to add nuclear energy to Poland's mix in the coming years. 
Kopacz said Monday that Poland's energy security is based on coal. The country has rich deposits of the fossil fuel and the government is currently taking steps to preserve coal mines and thousands of jobs in the industry.
A few years ago, the government, then led by Donald Tusk, said a nuclear plant would be built and be operational around 2020. 
Treasury Minister Adam Czerwinski said Monday it is still not known where and how the nuclear plant would be built.

The 10 commandments of cults vs. religions and why Islam is a cult.

Cult-like Islam is flourishing
1) CULT: Single, unquestioned leader who makes all the rules, with no accountability to peers, a presbytery, a chapter, or co-leaders.

Prophet is sole authority and makes all the rules, because god speaks only to him.

2) CULT: Cohabitation. Members often live in a group or commune, often with the leader.

Cult has grown too big, but this was certainly the case when it was starting.

3) CULT: Isolation. Members are often not allowed to interact/socialize with outsiders, and frequently are required to separate from their friends and families.

Muslims are not permited to take non believers as friends, 
islam must supplant family, race, nationality as the principal focus of life.

4) CULT: Coercion. Coercive recruitment methods, often including sleep deprivation, withholding of food or bathroom breaks, locking the initiate in a room with a succession of people hammering in the group’s ideas. Essentially, these are classic brainwashing techniques.

Mohamed used violence and threat of death to intimidate people into joining his cult, 
so does islamic state which is pure islam.

5) CULT: Repetition. Members are told what to believe on a daily basis, with intense, though often subtle, indoctrination techniques used to hold members. The few items that distinguish that cult are repeated endlessly.

Muslims must pray 5 times per day. 
The same jihadist supremacist rubbish is the focus of its sermons.

6) CULT: Exclusiveness. Initiates are often told that only “select” members of the cult will reach the ultimate goal. This is incentive to stay and to be more dedicated to the cult.

Only members who are killed in the act of jihad are guaranteed entry to heaven. 
They receive 72 virgins and a palace the size of a country as reward.

7) CULT: Bread trails. The dogma is fed to the initiate in small pieces, and gaining more knowledge about the dogma requires a greater commitment to the organization.

The koran is ordered by length of verse and has early passages abrogated
 (overruled by later passages), so its true meaning is concealed.

8) CULT: Alienation. Adherents are encouraged or even bullied into thinking in terms of “us versus them” with total alienation from “them.”

Islam divides the world in the house of peace for muslims and the house of war for non believers.

9) CULT: Seclusion. Members are often not allowed to leave the cult or even the cult compound. Even temporary excursions among outsiders are done in pairs or in groups with a trusted member always present.

The penalty for leaving islam is death.

10) CULT: Totalitarian. Cults ask significantly more time and money from their adherents, often asking for a person’s life savings to progress in the organization. They are usually totalitarian and demand that the individual give themselves up to the organization or theology.

Waging jihad or supporting jihad is obligatory for all muslims. 
The greater jihad is psychological preparation for the lesser jihad 
which are acts of martyrdom.

It doesn’t get more totalitarian than islam.

Canada's Harper last stand-out before Paris COP21

Previously, this blog wrote of Christopher Monckton's address about the push to get rid of Tony Abbott. Part of that address:

David King (The Climate Change Task Force ) was asked whether all the nations of the world were now, in principle, ready to sign their people’s rights away in such a treaty. Yes, but there are two standouts. One is Canada. But don’t worry about Canada. They’ve got an election in the Spring of 2015 and we and the UN will make sure the present government is removed. He was quite blunt about it. 
The other hold out is Australia. And Australia we can’t do anything about because Tony Abbott is in office until after the December 2015 conference. 
Tony Abbott has gone, replaced by Ex- Goldman Sachs' Malcolm Turnbull.

Harper and Trudeau (Canadian Press)
It is a week and a half to the Canadian Elections on 19th October. Ezra Levant of Rebel Media writes:

Have you been watching this federal election campaign? It’s a gong show. 
I don’t mean the politicians. I mean the media. Their conduct is outrageous. They’re not even pretending to be neutral. They’ve got a full-blown case of Harper Derangement Syndrome.
I call them the "Media Party", because they’re campaigning full-tilt. You just can’t trust them to give you the straight news. 
Take the CBC. Thomas Mulcair has promised the CBC a $115 million bonus if he wins. Justin Trudeau has outbid him. He says he’ll pay the CBC $150 million if he wins. So CBC journalists are campaigning against Harper like their own jobs depend on it.
CTV and Global TV aren’t much better. 
The Polls so far are showing Harper (Conservative) and Trudeau (Liberal) about equal according to CBC News
The CBC Poll Tracker shows the Liberals and Conservatives virtually tied, with 32.5 and 32.3 per cent support, respectively. The New Democrats stand at 25 per cent, followed by the Greens at 4.7 per cent. The Bloc Québécois has increased its support to 20.4 per cent in Quebec. 
The overall trends continue to suggest the NDP is dropping in support. Compared to a week ago, the NDP finds itself 2.7 points lower in the Poll Tracker. The Liberals are up by a more modest 1.7 points, while the Conservatives increased by 0.5 points. 
The Conservatives still have the advantage in the seat count, thanks to how their vote breaks down regionally. They would likely win 109 to 155 seats if an election were held today, with the Liberals set to take 91 to 130 seats and the NDP winning between 75 and 108 seats. The Bloc could win between one and eight seats, and the Greens one.