Friday, 21 August 2015

Denmark is scaling back its green ambitions

(Source: Getty)
Clara Guilborg writing for  Business Site City AM reports that Denmark is scaling back its green ambitions:
Denmark is scaling back its green ambitions, after the country’s government said the previous target was “too expensive for businesses”. 
In a goal set by the country’s previous government, Denmark had promised to reduce its carbon emissions at least 40 per cent by 2020, against 1990 levels. 
This is proving too expensive though, so the northern European country is now settling for a 37 per cent reduction instead.
No global warming for ~20 years; perhaps they should scale back their reduction of carbon (dioxide) emissions to zero reduction.
Speaking in Parliament, Denmark’s climate minister Lars Christian Lilleholt said this new goal would be “enough”, reports The Local
            It will be very expensive for the Danish society to reach those last  
           percentage points and will therefore impose extra costs on our business community.    
So, Denmark is scaling back its green ambitions from 40% to 37%. That's a small move in the right direction, but as there has been no global warming for around 20 years, perhaps they should consider moving it down to zero. THAT would really improve their economy.

WHEN will they ever learn?