Thursday, 13 August 2015

Renewables in NSW produce 0.0% of all electricity generated - Prof Ian Plimer

Plants need CO2 for food
Professor Ian Plimer has written a piece on Catallaxy Files under the above heading. In his usual inimitable style, Ian asks:
.....can someone show me from basic science and mathematics that the human emissions (3% total) of plant food (CO2) drive climate change yet the 97% of natural emissions of CO2 do not. This has never been done and I’m still waiting for the proof. It’s easy to show that human emissions of CO2 don’t drive climate change and there are many scientific arguments to show that the total atmospheric CO2 does not drive climate change.
Bill, short on logic
wants 50% of electricity from renewables. How’s he going to do it?  
What is the current contribution of renewables? Where is the cash going to come from for the