Monday, 20 April 2015

Pants -on-Fire David Karoly - 24 lies in 3 minutes - UPDATE

Previously this blog has written of IPCC Lead author David Karoly and his dissemination of  deceiving disinformation. (LINK)

David is revisited in this post.

In fact, David Karoly deserves the “Pants-On-Fire” award of the day. He wants to aim for a zero….carbon…..society that is 100% free of carbon by 2050.  Does he mean no diamonds, no graphite? As the human body is around 20% carbon, does he also mean no body…er or nobody?

We will interpret David’s reference to carbon and suggest he actually means carbon dioxide (CO2). Not very scientific to be loose with your terminology, David.

1000frolly has published an interview with David in which he let’s loose more lies. In fact 24 in just 3 minutes. In the youtube below he has added a beep for every one of David’s lies.

Here are just some:

The models are saying we need to act very urgently;
CO2 damages the planet and the climate;
We need large reductions in emissions so we don’t damage the climate;
Only a half degree up or down over the last 10,000 years;
The climate system is going faster and faster like a really big train;
The change is accelerating;
Greenhouse gases and carbon pollution;
As the worst polluter in the world, Australia has to take the lead;
There are going to be very many adverse impacts from climate change;
We need to invest across a whole range of zero carbon energy generating technologies;
We need to do this and to save money in the process;
There are energy efficient opportunities by using renewable energy opportunities;
There will be dramatic benefits from a carbon (dioxide) free society;

When will they ever learn?

The video below was removed from Youtube.