Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Dr Tim Ball debates Canadian Green Elizabeth May -UPDATED

Dr Tim Ball, author of "The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science" in which he exposed the malicious misuse of climate science as it was distorted by dishonest brokers to advance the political aspirations of the progressive left, debates Canadian Green Party Leader Elizabeth May.

Myth of Doubt: 

Elizabeth used the phrase Myth of Doubt several times to which Tim replied:

That is not appropriate in this instance because science is about skepticism and what myself and others are trying to do is to be skeptical scientists. We don’t just accept as given what government scientists – and by the way all the people at the IPCC are government appointed people – we don’t accept what they are saying; we’re challenging the science and we’re showing that the evidence doesn’t support what they’re saying. And, of course, we saw that use of “myth of doubt” encompassed in the idea that we are global warming skeptics and then we became ”climate change deniers.”

Elizabeth’s point about the greenhouse effect, by the way, completely ignores the fact that water vapour – she did mention that it was a major greenhouse gas – it’s major by a long way. It’s 97% of the greenhouse gases by volume; CO2 is less than 4% and methane which Andrew Weaver of the IPCC said they didn’t even consider in their computer models and, of course, what they do with water vapour they just say that the amount humans produce is not significant.

Elizabeth May starts off seemingly reasonable but toward the end reverts to type of the Greens that we know and.....


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UPDATE: From Comment by Alex Garcia.
See followup interview with Dr. Ball & Josh Steffler
where Dr. Ball explains a few things that he was not
allowed to say on the broadcast radio show. (HINT: Communism)