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Swiss Voters overwhelmingly reject Carbon Dioxide Tax.

Absurd and expensive! Energy tax -NO!
Bill Shorten intends to bring back the economy-crippling tax on vital-to-life carbon dioxide if he becomes Prime Minister at the next Australian Federal Election.
BILL Shorten has staked his prime ministerial ambitions on a pledge to resurrect carbon pricing, just hours after the unpopular carbon tax was finally put to the sword. 
“The tax you voted to get rid of is finally gone,’’ Mr Abbott said.
But the Labor leader said Mr Abbott had made Australia the first country in the world to reverse action on climate change.  (LINK)
Next time you hear Alternate Prime Minister (APM) Shorten voice sentiments like this, remind him that, around the world, people are showing little concern for environment issues (Environment Issues at record Lows) as the AGW hoax unravels. The latest bit of ammo to aim at APM Shorten comes from Switzerland:

92% Of Swiss Voters Reject Carbon Tax In Referendum 

Swiss voters Sunday overwhelmingly rejected an initiative that would have scrapped the Alpine country’s value-added-tax system and replaced it with a carbon tax, a move that would have made gasoline, heating oil and other forms of power more expensive for consumers.
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Wind turbines reported to cause annoyance, sleep disturbance, and other health-related impacts.

Industrial Wind Turbines and Health: 

Wind Turbines Can Harm Humans if too close to Residents

 A summary of some of the peer reviewed articles and conference papers, abstracts and other citations, regarding impairment of health in general and relating to industrial wind turbines

Compiled by Carmen Krogh, BScPharm 

December 20143  


Ambrose, Stephen E.; Rand, Robert W.; and Krogh, Carmen M. E. Wind Turbine Acoustic Investigation: Infrasound and Low-Frequency Noise A Case Study DOI: 10.1177/0270467612455734 Bulletin of Science Technology & Society 
published online 17 August 2012 

Image: Steve Hunter via Andy's Rant


Wind turbines produce sound that is capable of disturbing local residents and is reported to cause annoyance, sleep disturbance, and other health-related impacts. An acoustical study was conducted to investigate the presence of infrasonic and low-frequency noise emissions from wind turbines located in Falmouth, Massachusetts, USA. During the study, the investigating acousticians experienced adverse health effects consistent with those reported by some Falmouth residents. The authors conclude that wind turbine acoustic energy was found to be greater than or uniquely distinguishable from the ambient background levels and capable of exceeding human detection thresholds. The authors emphasize the need for epidemiological and laboratory research by health professionals and acousticians concerned with public health and well-being to develop effective and precautionary setback distances for industrial wind turbines that protect residents from wind turbine sound. 

The Paper continues with a list of studies, their links and Abstracts. To see the original paper - go to http://wiseenergy.org/Energy/Krogh_Industrial_Wind_Turbines_Health_Summary_References.pdf

Some of the listed papers -there are a further 41 papers.
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by IPCC Expert Reviewer Dr Vincent GRAY

MARCH 4th 2015


The Environmentalist religious dogma that humans are destroying the earth has spawned many scams. Its most ambitious project, veritably a Superscam has been the claim that the climate is controlled by human emissions of so-called greenhouse gases. These cause global warming which will ultimately destroy us unless we cease using fossil fuels.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was set up in 1988 in order to supply scientific evidence to support this scam.

It was realised from the start that the task was impossible.

The earth does not have a temperature and there is no way that a scientifically acceptable average temperature can currently be derived. it is not possible to know whether the earth is warming or cooling.

Then, the climate is constantly changing. No part is ever in equilibrium. The trace gases in the atmosphere are not well mixed and their concentrations change constantly in every place. It is not possible to derive an average concentration for any of them.

Then, the science of the study of the climate, built up over many centuries as the discipline of meteorology, has officially established weather forecasting services in most countries. These services now measure many climate properties with a variety of instruments, including satellites. The measurements are used in the most up to date computer models based on currently accepted physics, thermodynamics and statistics. They provide the only scientifically valid daily forecasts of future weather for every part of the earth. Atmospheric carbon dioxide has not proved to be useful and they do not even bother to measure it.

It is simply not possible to overcome these difficulties with honest science. It has therefore been necessary to employ fraud, dishonesty, distortion fabrication, massive public relations, and enormous sums of money.

Jim Hansen of the Goddard Institute of Space Studies in New York provided a pseudo global temperature technique that has proved useful to the scammers. He admits that there is no such thing as an absolute Surface Air Temperature (SAT : He calls it elusive

Meteorologists know it is impossible to measure a plausible average surface air temperature. Instead they record a daily maximum and minimum in a protected screen at their weather stations. Today they often also measure at different intervals as well. These are a useful guide to temperature conditions.

Hansen and Lebedeff 1987 decided to ignore what Hansen had said was impossible. They assigned a constant temperature to each weather station for a whole month and assumed that this temperature applies also to a radius of 100 km around each weather station.

The chosen temperature was the total average maximum and minimum temperatures measured at that station for a each month, the sum of the statistically unacceptable maximum/minimum averages.

They considered that could correlate each station figure with the next weather station. But their correlation coefficient was only 0.5 or lower. By subtractimg the average from stations in all latitude/longitude boxes from the average in each box they got an annual global temperature anomaly record. There is no mention of the very large inaccuracy figures that should accompany this exercise, or of the varying number and quality of the global weather stations, both currently and over time.

The IPCC has used the supposed trend of a measly few decimals of a degree of this concoction to prove that global warming is happening and will inevitably rise dangerously.

Now it has broken down. This trend has hardly changed for 18 years while greenhouse gases have supposedly increased. The IPCC has resorted to desperate measures. Instead of annual warming we now have to worry about decadal warming. Efforts are escalated to fudge the figures and publicise a slight rise of hundredths of a degree at any opportunity.

The required treatment of atmospheric carbon dioxide was made by Charles Keeling of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, California. The grossly oversimplified climate models demand that atmospheric carbon dioxide is globally constant, only increasing from more human emissions. This was a problem because there exist some 40,000 previous measurements going back to the early 19th century, published in famous peer reviewed journals, sometimes by Nobel Prize-winners. These measurements showed that surface concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are never constant and vary from one place to another, time of day, season, and wind direction.

Keeling suppressed this early information. He gave the excuse that he had a slightly different measurement method and he had discovered that there was a background concentration which was almost constant and increased steadily with increased emissions. Keeling based his figures on sites at the Mauna Loa volcano on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, and a site in Antarctica. In order to come close to a globally constant value at any time it was required that most other measurements were made from coastal sites on winds from the ocean. Any figures that did not comply are rejected as noise.

A difficulty was that the steadily increasing figures over the years did not easily agree with the rather sporadic behaviour of the approved global temperature.

Now this carbon dioxide scam has broken down. The NASA satellite AIRS system now provides frequent global maps of carbon dioxide concentration showing that it is not well mixed, is highly variable, and tends to be higher in regions of high emissions. The officially sponsored background is no longer relevant, and the fact that the supposed warming effect of carbon dioxide is logarithmic with concentration means that increases have little effect in high concentration areas and is most effective over forests and pastures where it is beneficial.

The IPCC climate models defy all of the accumulated knowledge of climate science currently practised by meteorologists and replace it with a system of absurdities which has been amazingly successful.

Instead of the ever changing climate we know, it is now assumed to be static.

All heat exchanges are by radiation. Admittedly the input and output are radiation but everything else in the climate combines all methods of heat exchange, predominantly conduction, convection and latent heat change.

The sun is assumed to shine all day and night with equal intensity. The earth is dead where living creatures are impossible except they emit greenhouse gases.

All the past climate effects known to meteorology are parameterized and assumed to be constant.

There is no hope that such a model could possibly forecast future climate and the IPCC even admits this, They say the models provide projections, never predictions. At the beginning they avoided being proved wrong by projecting only so far ahead that they could be sure nobody living would survive to check. 

The IPCC has now been running for 25 years and the early reports had to show that the models fitted their temperature record. Now it doesn’t. Also the models could be used to calculate present upper troposphere temperatures, and that does not work either.

They are therefore in deep trouble. All they can do is prevent people from telling the truth. Every news bulletin, every newspaper must have a daily reference to global warming or carbon footprint or endure protests from climate activists who must all write letters to the press and organise rent-a-crowd gatherings of environmental devotees to picket any discussion venues There must be constant lectures by those most financially dependent on the scam.

With luck the downfall of Valhalla will take place at the Paris Climate meeting in December where the attempts to impose a global climate dictatorship will either fail miserably or fizzle slowly.

What a relief!

Vincent Gray

Wellington, New Zealand