Monday, 9 March 2015

“You will be burnt to a crisp and die.”

Heading for The 21st session of the UNFCCC Conference in December 2015, in Paris, the Alarmists desire that this be the time that they at last get their World Governance agreement. Countries give up their sovereignty to the United Nations.

As Lord Christopher Monckton warned us (LINK):
 Sir David King of the Climate Change Task Force and chief scientistic adviser to the UK Government, when asked whether all the nations of the world were now, in principle, ready to sign their people’s rights away in such a treaty. Yes, but there are two standouts. One is Canada. But don’t worry about Canada. They’ve got an election in the Spring of 2015 and we and the UN will make sure the present government is removed. He was quite blunt about it. 
The other hold out is Australia. 
Remember the UNFCCC Chief Christiana Figueres revealed that their aim is to smash the West by 'intentionally transform[ing] the economic development model, for the first time in human history..'

Meanwhile, the Alarmist activists are ramping up the hoax,

“You will be burnt to a crisp and die.”

The latest push by the alarmist activists.......

The New Yorker reports:
(bold added)
After a report from the Yale Center on Climate Change Communication showed that the term “climate change” elicits relatively little concern from the American public, leading scientists are recommending replacing it with a new term: “You will be burnt to a crisp and die.” Other terms under consideration by the scientists include “your cities will be ravaged by tsunamis and floods” and “earth will be a fiery hellhole incapable of supporting human life.” 
Scientists were generally supportive of the suggestions, with many favoring the term “your future will involve rowing a boat down a river of rotting corpses.”
 All this alarm while Global Temperatures have plateaued and it is anyone's guess whether temperatures resume their rise or will start to descend (perhaps into a little ice age).

Perhaps they should also include:

"You will be frozen to a cube and die"  and "your cities will be covered in ice" and "your future will involve skating over houses full of frozen corpses."