Sunday, 8 March 2015

Peer Review Paper: Is it incompetence or deliberately deceptive?

A new paper published in Geophysical Research Letters shows astonishingly large errors that can only be due to incompetence or due to deliberate deception. There are large calculation errors of solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere in climate models.

On the Incident Solar Radiation in CMIP5 ModelsLinjiong, Minghua, Qing, Yimin  doi: 10.1002/2015GL063239


Annual incident solar radiation at the top of atmosphere (TOA) should be independent of longitudes. However, in many Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 5 (CMIP5) models, we find that the incident radiation exhibited zonal oscillations, with up to 30 W/m2 of spurious variations. This feature can affect the interpretation of regional climate and diurnal variation of CMIP5 results. This oscillation is also found in the Community Earth System Model (CESM). We show that this feature is caused by temporal sampling errors in the calculation of the solar zenith angle. The sampling error can cause zonal oscillations of surface clear-sky net shortwave radiation of about 3 W/m2 when an hourly radiation time step is used, and 24 W/m2 when a 3-hour radiation time step is used.
The Hockey Schtick asks: (LINK)
Why wasn't this astonishing, large error of basic astrophysical calculations caught billions of dollars ago, and how much has this error affected the results of all modeling studies in the past? 
The paper adds to hundreds of others demonstrating major errors of basic physics inherent in the so-called 'state of the art' climate models, including violations of the second law of thermodynamics. In addition, even if the "parameterizations" (a fancy word for fudge factors) in the models were correct (and they are not), the grid size resolution of the models would have to be 1mm or less to properly simulate turbulent interactions and climate (the IPCC uses grid sizes of 50-100 kilometers, 6 orders of magnitude larger). As Dr. Chris Essex points out, a supercomputer would require longer than the age of the universe to run a single 10 year climate simulation at the required 1mm grid scale necessary to properly model the physics of climate.

Alarmists scrambling for 'More Disasters' pre Paris COP21

Some recent items in the blogosphere:

Satellite Temperatures Decline In February

Paul Homewood - NotalotofPeopleKnowThat 
We were told a few months ago that it would only be a matter of time before the satellite datasets caught up with the surface ones, and confirmed that global temperatures had reached a record high.
Well, we’re still waiting! 
Both UAH and RSS have recorded drops in temperature in February, and 12-month averages remain well below previous highs. 

Motorist discovers his £5,000 car frozen solid in a block of ice

Record Cold and Snow Destroy Global Warming Claims

James Taylor for Forbes:
Connecticut is experiencing its coldest February in recorded historySo is Michigan. So is Toronto. Cleveland and Chicago are experiencing their second coldest February in recorded history. Frigid and record cold temperatures are being set from Key West to International Falls. At the same time, blizzard after blizzard is burying much of the nation with record winter snow totals, with winter snowfall records beings set from Boston to Denver. 
Global warming activists are in full-throttle damage control, desperately claiming global warming causes record snow and cold.  (bold addded)
Read more: Here.

James H. Rust, Professor of nuclear engineering and policy advisor The Heartland Institute - for Master Resource:

In the past few weeks, statements of scientists challenging the hypothesis that carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuels is causing catastrophic global warming are being criticized on ad hominem grounds. The charge is that there exists an inherent conflict-of-interest, owing to their sources of income, specifically income from fossil-fuel companies or pro-fossil-fuel organizations otherwise. 
The starting point (it was surely orchestrated) was the attack on Dr. Willie Soon by the February 21, 2015 New York Times article, “Deeper Ties to Corporate Cash for Doubtful Climate Researcher,” by Justin Gillis and John Schwartz. The article apparently was inspired by a Greenpeace report that researched sources of income for Dr. Soon, who is employed as a research scientist for the Smithsonian Institute. 
Professor Rust details more attacks on Sceptical Scientists and points out hypocrisy of the
alarmists - here

The Absurd Alarm re (man-made) Climate Change

An Interview on FOX News begins with a quote from Dr Richard Lindzen in the Wall Street Journal 4 March 2015: 
Individuals and organisations highly vested in disaster scenarios have relentlessly attacked scientists and others who don not share their beliefs. The attacks have taken a threatening turn. 
When asked about VP Joe Biden's outburst: ‘Denying climate change is like denying gravity,’ Dr Lindzen replied: ‘He’s absolutely right. Climate has been changing for 4.5  billion years and on all time scales.

Some quotes (H/t Climate Depot)

These guys think saying climate changes, saying it gets warmer or colder by a few tenths of a degree should be taken as evidence that the end of the world is coming. 
And it completely ignores the fact that until this hysteria, climate scientists used to refer to the warm periods in our history as optima.

‘We are demonizing a chemical — a molecule essential to life – CO2′

Doctor Lindzen's parting quote:
The whole thing is fairly absurd.