Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Lord Monckton and Alan Jones

Christopher Monckton talks to Australian Radio's Alan Jones to reveal the scam of Man-Made Global Warming.

Will the Realists sue the crooked scientists pushing the falsified man-made global warming hoax?

Some of Christopher's statements re the hoax that is man-made Climate Change:
  • there was no problem;
  • there is no problem; and
  • there isn't going to be a problem
"There is a team of Academics for this Global Warming thing; I don't know who is paying them..."

"They've being making very good living out of this for many years..."

"The IPCC is costing 100s of millions per year..."

"Who gets hit first AND worst - It's the working people...

JONES says

THE Wall Street Journal called the Plan "economical Damaging"


THE Scientists have concluded FIVE (5) times that we can't find any HUMAN influence on the Climate


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